Large Cabinets 700mm +(25)

Our range of large bathroom cabinets all have a height of 700mm+ and above making them the perfect choice for those larger bathrooms or those with a large array of bathroom products. Our well-designed large height bathroom cabinets are great for neat storage solutions and also providing a high-quality mirror for all your bathroom needs. Bathroom cabinets have Illuminated Mirrors all come as standard with LED lighting and robust aluminium frames. More…

Standard features:

These features come as standard for every model in this range.

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Our range of bathroom cabinets with a height of 700mm+ all come with a choice of styles such as edge-lit, bar pattern, dot pattern, side ambience, top light, bright glow and even non-illuminated if you prefer. Get organised with a large cabinet, perfect for the entire family, with a cabinet from Illuminated Mirrors. What’s more, they all come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty, the option to pay in instalments and free delivery options.