4 Easy Ways to add Traditional Chic to your Home

Forget futuristic shapes and cool shades of silver, black is the new orange when it comes to interior design and traditional features are making a comeback in a big way. Here’s our advice for bringing a classic touch to your home – without compromising on modern convenience.

According to an article on Fortune, traditional is the new modern when it comes to interior design. It’s all about revisiting classic features and bringing a touch of the antique to your living spaces. This doesn’t mean ditching your contemporary features, but instead finding ways to work considered features into your offering, fusing the two for dramatic design effect.

Traditional modern design home interior trends

Hollywood Mirrors

The glory days of the Hollywood era never seem to lose their charm. Icons like Marilyn Monroe are as (if not more) coveted than they were during their careers and there’s a timeless elegance in memorabilia from the era.

Beauty Blogger Tea Party Beauty's Hollywood

Beauty Blogger Tea Party Beauty creates modern glam with her classic Hollywood.

Our Hollywood mirrors are by far one of the most popular products we sell, with a touch of classic class available in an assortment of sizes, styles, colours and even hanging options. Added to the bathroom or bedroom, they can add that backstage classic feel with minimal effort and make an impressive yet practical style statement.

Update old frames

Antique frames are gorgeously elegant, amazingly versatile and can be surprisingly cheap (depending on where you buy them from). Give them a spray with coloured paint to add a classy, modern edge to them (gold and silver are two of our favourites) and mount a masterpiece in the middle. Try and be creative – think, what really represents your personality and how bold are you willing to go? We love the idea of traditional mixed with contemporary, so try finding a print of your favourite poster or piece of modern art and go wild!

Leave technology out of the lounge

no technology in living space room trend

Netflix? Check! Plasma screen? Check! Sound bar? Check! Technology plays a massive part in our lives and it’s no longer enough to have a single TV and access to standard television channels. Perhaps it’s somewhat surprising then that Elle lists technology-less living spaces as one of its hot interior trends for 2016. Home Design site Houzz, meanwhile, says more families are ditching excessive technology in their living rooms for quality time together. Who can complain about that (apart from the kids after a long game of Monopoly, of course)?!

Refit your fireplace

Is there anyone (really!) who doesn’t love a gorgeous open fireplace? Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with an original fireplace in our humble abode, but that doesn’t mean you can’t a) make your own or b) fit one in place of the original. Try a salvage yard or reclamation building to find a replacement, and forget aesthetic defects when you’re choosing your ideal model – they either add to the charm or can (usually) be easily fixed.

Got any ways to create traditional/modern fusion? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll share with the world! 

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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