Give your bathroom some festive love with these Christmas decorating ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and houses across the country are adorned with decorations marking the festive period; lights, novelty Santa Claus’ and snowmen and, of course, Christmas trees.

Sitting cold and distinctively unfestive, however, is the bathroom. For one reason or another, most people either forget or neglect to deck out their bathroom in the kind of grand decorations we’ve come to expect from the rest of the home

Why is this? Who knows. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are five inexpensive and simple ways to make your bathroom feel more festive this Christmas.

Christmas scented bath bombs and soaps

Around November, many shops start emitting a strong scent of cinnamon and gingerbread. The Christmas scents, as they are, are guaranteed to make you feel more festive.

Many shops now sell ‘Christmas’-scented soaps, with the aforementioned cinnamon and gingerbread, as well as less traditional scents such as mulled wine, among the most popular scents. These soaps are readily available and are really quite cheap.

Perhaps more exciting are bath bombs, which dissolve in bathwater to emit fizz and beautiful odours (two words you might not expect to see together, admittedly). Our pick of the Christmas bath bombs is a number from Lush designed to look like a gingerbread house – it literally turns your bath into a festive wonderland!

Yankee candles

Also known as smelly candles, Yankee candles are the ‘secret Santa’ gift of choice, a go-to present that everyone loves. Perhaps that is why they are so associated with Christmas…or it might be the delightful array of scents they come in.

A burning Yankee candle while you bathe brings to mind sitting in front of a roaring fire in a remote log cabin, taking in the scents of a softly-simmering pan of mulled wine and cloves in the kitchen…or something.

Festive seat warmer

Christmas is all about little surprises, and what could be more surprising than preparing to take a seat on a cold toilet and instead being met with the warm embrace of a soft seat-warmer? Novelty seat-warmers are ten-a-penny, with designs including Rudolph, snowmen, Christmas puddings and even good old St. Nick himself (please keep any lewd jokes to yourself…).

Ribbons and wreathes

Ribbons are the cheapest way to give your bathroom a Christmas makeover. Simply buy a big roll of red and green ribbon and tie it around various fixtures in your bathroom; toothbrush holders, toilet brush holders and towel rails (as long as they aren’t heated!) are just a few examples.

If your budget extends a bit further, you could also invest in a festive wreath for pride of place in your W.C. The level of decor in the rest of your bathroom will affect the size of wreath you choose; big wreathes are ideal for rooms with little decoration, while smaller wreathes complement more lavish decor.

Festive towels and bath mats

If you’re really serious about celebrating the festive period in the comfort of your bathroom, you’ll want to invest in some temporary yet eye-catching accessories. Towels and bath mats are the natural choice; lovely and festive, easy-to-wash and easy to store away again once the New year rolls around.

Are you planning to give your bathroom a little festive love this Christmas? Send us your pics to on Facebook or Twitter @bathroom_mirror!

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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