Festival Summer looks

We are officially well into ‘Festival Season’ with hundreds of festivals taking over our luscious fields of green across the country and adorning us with glitter, music and (sometimes) rain! Of course, there are a lucky few that are jetting off to warmer climates to embrace the seaside festival scene, but no matter where you are, you’ve got to have a carefully curated wardrobe to stun and surprise in!

Now, your first step for inspiration comes from the great festival style icons who can be found plodding the fields of Glastonbury every year; Kate Moss, Cara Delevigne, Alexa Chung and Daisy Lowe are seasoned veterans in the ideal outfit for these highly anticipated events, so take note and start creating your masterpiece!

Now, you may feel as though you’re going against the current, but contrary to popular belief, you DON’T need to wear hot pants nor do you need to appropriate any culture in order to get an uber chic look for the weekend. Look at your festival wardrobe as your survival kit and suddenly, there is a whole new outlook on what is appropriate to wear.

SUNGLASSES | An essential accessory, no matter the weather. Protecting your eyes from the glaring sun, or protecting others from staring into your tired eyes, sunglasses will be your best friend over the weekend. Daring shapes and colours are the new ‘trend’ within the sunglasses market, think pink lenses with glittered frames in a cat eye shape…perfect!

BUMBAG | Don’t worry, they are officially cool. With their updated status, these once heinous bags, are now being adorned in everything from jewels to fringe to sequins. So fear not, you will not be walking around with an eyesore attached to your hips, instead, a functional, fashionable and safe accessory… you’re welcome!

WELLIES | An obvious choice, but one that is often missed due to their inability to properly ‘pull an outfit together’, however, Hunter now offer a large array of short, long, printed, colourful boots for you to take your pick from. Trust us, not only are they a great investment, but they’re also on trend year after year; just be sure to pick a good colour…silver, you say?!

LAYERS | Whilst some festivals will be subject to scorching sun rays, others will leave their crowds cascaded in mud. These weather scenarios (both more than plausible), will leave you wishing you brought along some layers. Whether it’s taking a layer off or popping one on, it’s the best festival tactic around. Think kimonos, cropped jumpers, rain jackets and dungarees – all totally on trend whilst being there to save the day.

SKY-HIGH SLITS | Maxi dresses and kimonos are great to keep you shielded from the sun whilst projecting your style, but often seem a bit demure for a festival. Fear not, this summer sees the rise of the thigh-high split across most maxi dresses and long skirts, giving you free reign to add your own flare to your outfit.

OFF THE SHOULDER | Because, who likes proper sleeves anyway? Taking influence from flamenco outfits, this Summer has been hit with an ‘off the shoulder’ surge; from crop tops to summer dresses, it’s the main trend this year. A great excuse to even out your shoulder tan, be sure to stock up on this trend.

With these additions to your Summer wardrobe, you will be equipt to look your best this festival season, putting your best foot forward and partying the night away with your sparkly bumbag to boot!



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