Mistakes to Avoid in Re-Designing Your Bathroom

Redesigning your bathroom can be an exciting process, especially if you are moving into a new home and want to put that personal stamp on it. However, with all the responsibility comes the pressure to make it perfect and last for years to come. Here in comes the challenge to make sure you get the design right for your lifestyle, your budget and ultimately add value to your home.

Whether big or small, your bathroom should always be well thought out and should have all users in mind. For example, if you have children, your bathroom will be completely different to if you were a single person living alone. Today’s bathrooms need to be beautiful, use space efficiently and be suitable for everyone in the family to use. Avoiding these five common mistakes will ensure your bathroom stands the test of time and is there in the long haul.

Bathroom redesign

Selecting incompatible products

As your bathroom will most likely be the smallest room in your house, more is most definitely more when it comes to space. However, if your bathroom is considerably small, you really have to work with what you’ve got and make the most of it – this includes the products you put in, there is nothing worse than a bathroom that has large items and looks cramped. There is no use asking for a freestanding bath or a shower large enough for two if you are working with space the size of a wardrobe. Whether it’s your main bathroom or simply a small en-suite you are decorating, check out our tips for redesigning (and make the most of) a small bathroom here.

Neglecting the finishing touches

When your bath, shower, toilet and tiles have all been installed, a big mistake that many people make is to leave it there – this is a big mistake when it comes to bringing your own style into your bathroom. Finishing touches such as door handles, blinds, adding a lick of paint, right down to your accessories are often overlooked however they make a huge difference and should be budgeted for the same way you have for your bathroom as a whole.

Being scared of colour

We all love a bit of colour in other parts of our lives and our home so we shouldn’t stray away from colour when it comes to our bathrooms. If your bathroom is neutral and bland, will you really see it as your inner sanctuary and want to spend time there? Of course when you bring colour into any part of your home before testing it to see if it works with space but the great thing about paint is, if you don’t like it you can paint over it. Colour is a great way of making a statement, of bringing your personality into your home and you shouldn’t shy away from it.

Bathroom Redesign 2

Top tip: nothing gives away an amateur’s job than paint splashes around your painted area so don’t forget the painting tape!

Lack of storage

If it is a bathroom used solely by guests or your spare bedroom’s en-suite bathroom, lack of storage is manageable however when it comes to the main bathroom – lack of storage can become a major issue especially for the ladies with lots of lotions and potions to store away. If you are opting for design over functionality, don’t say we didn’t warn you! Lack of storage space is a key bathroom mistake made by so many of us and you should make full use of storage cabinets and shelving for the walls where space allows.

Badly lit mirrors

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, lighting solely from above is not flattering, we repeat, lighting from above is not flattering! The bathroom mirror is the most commonly underlit area and mirrors can only reflect light onto your face, not create it. When it comes to effective lighting for makeup application or shaving, opting for an illuminated mirror located near the window will do the world of good. We have a full range of illuminated mirrors for your every need as well as illuminated bathroom cabinets to tackle those storage issues too. Browse the full range of our mirrors and cabinets.

Quick fixes – not spending enough money

As with everything in life, you truly get what you pay for and it’s the same for your bathroom. Cutting costs will inevitably have an impact in the longer term and if you scrimp on installation and fitting, the design you were after may not be anything like what you thought. When it comes to home design, follow the mantra “buy the best, only cry once”.

Can you relate to any of these bathroom design mistakes? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter.

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