Step by step guide to organising your bathroom

Painting: done. New suite: fitted. Gorgeous accessories: purchased. So why does the bathroom still not look showroom ready?

Clutter – it’s one of the biggest crimes we’re all liable to committing. And, according to a survey by Gumtree, it’s costing us a LOT of money (and stress). Here’s our three-step guide to organising your bathroom and regaining control of (what should be) the most restful room in the house.

Step one: clear out

Getting rid of old make up shelf lifeStart by going through out of date items or lotions and potions that have been opened for a long while. Different cosmetics have different shelf lives and it’s crucial to remember that, in the same way as food goes off quicker once opened, your bathroom luxuries lose their effect. Suncream, for example, normally lasts between two to three years before it needs replacing, while experts recommend replacing items like mascara as often as every three months. Once you’ve thrown out the useless old pieces, getting rid of other things you don’t need starts to be easier and you’ll soon find you’re flying through the process.

Step two: deep clean

Don’t you just love the smell of a freshly cleaned room? Once you’ve got rid of the non-necessities and are left with the products you’ll actually use, it’s time to dust off the marigolds and pull out the mop. It’s amazing how even the cleanest bathrooms pick up fluff and fibres from your towels (especially if they’re dark coloured), making the room feel dirty and surprisingly cluttered. A sparkling white suite works wonders in making everything feel more organised and, as an added bonus, you’re more likely to keep it tidy after sweating over that grouting for several hours.

Step three: the bathroom cabinet

How to organise bathrooms guideYou’ve cleaned and organised – now it’s time to give the remaining wonders the respect they deserve for making the final cut. A bathroom storage unit is absolutely essential for an organised room and the best secret for those item-hoarders who can’t handle getting rid of everything at once. Choose your cabinet according to your bathroom size and, if you’ve got a small room, try and opt for a wall-hanging option to save on floor space and avoid the room feeling cluttered. Many of our models, for example, come with shaving sockets to save on space as well as the capability to play audio over bluetooth.

And there you have it. Keeping the bathroom tidy – easy as one, two, clean! Check out our full range of bathroom cabinets or the rest of our blog for more advice. 

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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