A message from the Managing Director

I created this business and take full responsibility for everything we do.
I work very hard to make sure no sale is taken for granted.

Jamie Bell

Jamie Bell, Powerful Vision Ltd Managing Director

My name is Jamie Bell. I am the Managing Director of Powerful Vision Ltd and the owner of this site: Illuminated Mirrors. I love creating illuminated mirrors to suit all tastes, and I take pride in the quality of our products and the skill of our people.

I started at the bottom, working in a garage. No inheritance. No handouts. I cut my own path in life, and I have been through highs and lows. I have emptied 300 shipping containers by hand with a small team of guys and spoken to thousands of my customers. My experience has taught me the value of good-old-fashioned, home-grown common sense and manners. By focussing on trust, I build lasting relationships. My willingness to take educated risks and trust the world we live in, rather than shelter and avoid confrontation has opened many doors for me, and I genuinely want to open doors for others too.

Honesty and integrity are my lifeblood, so I give you my guarantee that my company will deliver on our promises. I would like you to feel so confident in our mirrors and customer service that you will recommend us to your family and friends.

At the time of writing, 33 of us are trying our best every day and regularly achieve remarkable results, but occasionally we do get things wrong. It would be dishonest not to admit that. However, when things don't go to plan, the way a company deals with such situations is what decides if it goes to the dogs or continues to be successful. We are the latter. Upsetting people is not in my personal belief system, so why should it be any different in business? If you feel let down, I would dearly like to know about it at once. There is little I cannot personally sort out. Please call or email and ask for me, and I will put right anything that has gone wrong. Similarly, when we get it right, please let us know by adding to our thousands of customers' reviews.

I am incredibly proud of what we do at Illuminated Mirrors. I take full responsibility for every action my company takes. I strive for honesty, and that is what I offer you. That is why my name is on this.

I hope you enjoy the products that the team here at Powerful Vision have made for you.


Jamie Bell
Powerful Vision Ltd, Managing Director