Harley Quinn for Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, unless you are either super organised or a Halloween fanatic, you might not have decided on a costume just yet. If hunting through costume shops isn’t your thing but you want to stand out from the crowd of sexy bunnies, witches and Disney characters galore, we bring you one of our favourite looks for this year will chat you through the steps to recreate at home. Let’s make sure you turn heads at that party…

The great thing about this is it can be recreated using many of the products you already have in your makeup bag – Hooray for your bank balance!

Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup Look

Harley Quinn – Suicide Squad

After hitting the cinema screens earlier this year we were hooked and knew Harley Quinn would be one of this year’s most popular costume ideas for the gals. For weeks we have been watching Harley Quinn makeup tutorials and different Harley Quinn looks that can be created and we wanted to share with you to recreate.

If you have sensitive skin or want to avoid the cakey, cheap face paint look we recommend investing in MAC face and body foundation in the shade white. Yes this does come in at nearly £30 a pop however as well as being used for white faced Halloween looks, you can mix it with your summer makeup shades during the winter months to create the perfect winter colour.

Base: the first step is to layer a few coats of white face and body onto your face – if you don’t want to be ghost white, you can always add in your normal foundation shade to give you the effect of very light skin.

Eyelids: for this look you will need both a red/pink and blue eyeshadow. Water activated eyeshadows will work best however if you have standard eyeshadows, try applying the shadows will a wet shadow brush to enhance the pigments. Bare in mind this doesn’t have to be perfect and can be applied as haphazardly as possible. Don’t forget to smudge the shadow down the side of your face.

Liner: using a thick kohl liner, line your waterline and where your lashes join your eyelid as messy as possible and don’t be concerned with any mess you make around your eye area – you want this look to be as messy and dirty looking as possible. Finish your eye look with clumpy messy mascara – flecks of it under your eye area? All the better…

Lips: next step is to apply a red lip. It’s up to you whether you choose a matte or satin finish but we recommend a liquid lip for ultimate staying power the full night. Overlining slightly will add to the Harley Quinn clown-look and be sure to smudge a few bits of the lip for a full dishevelled look before your lipstick dries. We recommend Mac Ruby Woo to really make the look but any red you have in your make up collection will do.

Dirt: if you want the full messy, Harley Quinn look, the next step is to apply the dirt (not real dirt of course). Take a black eyeshadow and crinkled tissue and begin dabbing this across your face to further enhance the messy look.

Scratches: Using a black liner and red shadow, you can also draw scratches and by smoking out the red shadow, this will give the impression of the scratch being new and irritated. `With a black liner, complete the look by adding a black heart to your cheek as well as Harley Quinn’s statement work ‘rotten’ on the same cheek.

If you’re already blonde then you’re onto a winner – pick up a packet of hair chalk to chalk one pigtail pink and one pigtail blue. If you don’t not all is lost, snap up this Harley Quinn wig here, a packet of chewing gum and nail down your evil laugh to really get into Harley Quinn character.

Harley Quinn Glam

If you fancy a glam Harley Quinn suitable for Halloween nights out or a Suicide Squad party, check out this guide to glam from the amazing Nikkie Tutorials below.

Harley Quinn Pop Art

If pop art is more your thang, check out the tutorial below.

Thinking of going as Harley Quinn for Halloween this year? Tag us in your snaps on Facebook & Twitter. Looking for costume inspiration for this year? Check out some of the latest ideas here.

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