Unique Bathroom Mirrors: Make Your Bathroom Memorable

Anyone who has passed through your home is likely to have visited your bathroom. Unlike other rooms in the house, this room isn’t as easy to alter with big, fashionable, seasonal changes. So, how can you make your bathroom that bit more memorable? Maybe a unique bathroom mirror is the answer…

There are a multitude of ways in which you can incorporate a mirror as a statement piece, or even as a source of added bathroom functionality. From fun lighting to built in magnification, here are our top five products to make your bathroom the room visitors remember.

Built in sound system

We all know someone who loves a shower concert and this mirror will not disappoint. Simply connect your phone to one of our Bluetooth Audio Mirrors, open your favourite music (or podcast) app and sing to your heart’s content. Our Bluetooth mirrors have waterproofed speakers, infrared on/off sensors to prevent you burning unwanted energy and built in LED lighting. Not only will one of these mirrors look great, but they will also remove the risk of damage to your phone speakers. Just leave your phone in a dry room within connection distance.

Colour changing

With a Colour Changing Mirror you are able to adjust the downlighting of your mirror to suit the seasons, or even just your mood. Each mirror comes with a remote, allowing you to easily take control and alter the colour settings. We think this particular illuminated mirror is ideal for small bathrooms looking to make big impressions. Opt for red or green at Christmas, bright yellows in the spring or even a pre-programmed, multi-coloured sequence for any house parties you host.

Keep your shaver fully charged

Getting up and going to do your morning shaving ritual can be a bit of a bust when your razor isn’t fully charged. With our Illuminated Shaving Mirrors you can ensure your razor is always ready and fully charged when you wake up. Shave with the advantage of built in LED lighting and plug your razor into the socket to keep it charging once you’re done using it. All of our mirrors are also fitted with demister pads. These prevent the mirror from steaming up during showers, meaning you can hop straight out of the shower to shave without having to buff the glass clean. This unique bathroom mirror would be an ideal feature for a home’s guest bathroom!

Magnify and perfect

Whether it’s shaving or make-up application, making sure you don’t miss any spots is essential. Stay zoomed in and focused on what you have to with a Magnification Mirror. Each mirror has non magnified glass with a small 3X magnified area of glass, surrounded in LED lights, that will allow you to get up close and personal, but only when you’re in the mood for it. Many of these mirrors also have built in shaving ports, allowing you to benefit from it being both a shaving and magnification mirror.

Infinity mirrors

Infinity Mirrors are truly one way to make your bathroom memorable. Doubling as a mirror and a stand out piece, this unique bathroom mirror will certainly get guests talking. With an inner ring or frame of LED lights placed between two sheets of mirrored glass, the impression of endless depth and lighting is created on your wall and when the lights are switched off, all you will be able to see is a crystal clear reflective surface.

All of our bathroom mirrors are well priced and come with a 10-year warranty, so why not check out our wide range of mirrors, you are guaranteed to find something that will take pride of place above the bathroom sink!

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Made in Britain

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Made in Britain
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