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Discover the largest and finest selection of bathroom mirrors with lights in the UK. Our extensive range of illuminated bathroom mirrors offers a variety of styles and options to elevate your space. Enhance your bathroom with high-quality illumination and choose from features such as integrated shaver sockets, heated demister pads, and much more. We also offer optional upgrades to further enhance your experience. Add our Bluetooth upgrade to your mirror to integrate speakers, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music or podcasts while getting ready. Create a truly immersive atmosphere with our exceptional selection of illuminated bathroom mirrors today. More…

  1. Tempus Simplicity Mirror
    600 x 400mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  2. Marvel Simplicity Mirror
    600 x 600mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  3. Hellion Simplicity Mirror
    500 x 700mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  4. Indra Simplicity Mirror
    700 x 500mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  5. Elysius Simplicity Mirror
    600 x 600mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  6. Sersi Simplicity Mirror
    500 x 700mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  7. Valkin Simplicity Mirror
    700 x 500mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  8. Sara Arched Simplicity Mirror
    650 x 400mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  9. Zuras Simplicity Mirror
    800 x 500mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  10. Chloe Arched Simplicity Mirror
    750 x 500mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  11. Magma Simplicity Mirror
    800 x 600mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  12. Domino Simplicity Mirror
    600 x 800mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  13. Sprite Simplicity Mirror
    750 x 550mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  14. Chesil Simplicity Pebble Mirror
    725 x 525mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  15. Budleigh Simplicity Pebble Mirror
    725 x 525mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  16. Aldeburgh Simplicity Pebble Mirror
    725 x 525mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  17. Saltburn Simplicity Pebble Mirror
    725 x 525mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  18. Spey Simplicity Pebble Mirror
    725 x 525mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  19. Bethan Arched Simplicity Mirror
    850 x 600mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  20. Sentinel Simplicity Mirror
    800 x 800mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  21. Korvus Simplicity Mirror
    600 x 1000mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  22. Thena Simplicity Mirror
    600 x 1000mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  23. Marc Arched Simplicity Mirror
    800 x 760mm (HxW) Dispatch by

  24. Samuel Arched Simplicity Mirror
    970 x 700mm (HxW) Dispatch by

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Bathroom Mirrors

Our bathroom mirrors are designed to the highest quality standards whilst keeping both style and functionality in mind. From intelligent solutions like magnification technology and demister pads to the glamorous, stylish look of our bestselling Hollywood Mirror, there really is something for everyone in our extensive bathroom mirror range. Looking for inspiration? We've got you covered! View our Bathroom Trends for 2023 and see which style trends are set to shake up bathroom design this year.

Whether you need an illuminated bathroom mirror that will simplify your morning routines – such as our shaver socket mirrors – or a mirrored cabinet for maximising on storage in a smaller bathroom, our range is guaranteed to have something to meet your needs. Enjoy your favourite music while you relax with one of our Audio Bluetooth mirrors, or bring a dated bathroom back into the 21st century with our ultra-modern colour change led mirrors.

Our LED bathroom mirrors are exclusive to Illuminated Mirrors and fitted with low energy LEDs to ensure we’re keeping up to date with developments in energy saving and efficiency. We offer free next day delivery on all of our products as well as a ten-year warranty and manufacturer’s guarantee, so you’re not only promised satisfaction with your bathroom mirror but with our service too.

Bathroom Mirror Features and FAQs

LED Technology

Our LED mirrors use energy-saving LED light bulbs. They are Waterproof Rated IP44 for use in bathrooms and include smart technology like Infra-Red on/off sensors, Anti-Mist demister pads and a shaver socket.

Infra-red Sensors

All our LED Mirrors include infra-red on/off sensors. Wave your hand at the sensor, and it will instantly power up the lights and demister pad. Just wave your hand 3-6 inches away to on/off your mirror cabinet. The sensors are located on the bottom of the mirror and not on the front of the glass.

Can I isolate the sensor, so the LEDs come on with my bathroom lighting?

Yes, call us for instructions, and we shall email them to you, it’s extremely easy!

How does the shaver socket work?

Shaver Mirrors include a 240 volt shaver socket for the use of electric shavers and toothbrushes. The shaver socket includes its own on/off rocker switch which works separately from the lights and demister pad.

How does the demister function work?

The demister pad works automatically when the lights are turned on and off. Just turn on the lights via Infra-Red sensor and the heat pad removes the steam from the glass on the door.

Is the mirror tinted glass?

No, the mirror is clear reflective mirror glass.

Is the mirror CE & RoHS certified?

What this means:

CE: A CE mark means that an item complies with EU safety, health and environmental requirements. 

RoHS: RoHS stands for the Restriction of Hazardous Substances. RoHS, also known as Directive 2002/95/EC, originated in the European Union and restricts the use of specific hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products (known as EEE). All applicable products in the EU market after July 1, 2006, must pass RoHS compliance.

How to hang a bathroom mirror?

What this means:

Place the mirror casing on the flat wall surface and ensure at least a 15cm clearance between your infrared sensor (usually positioned bottom right for the mirror front) and your basin or sink unit. The infrared sensor is used to turn your mirror lights on or off with a wave of your hand and requires this clearance to ensure that the sensor is triggered by your wave action alone.

Using a spirit level ensure the bathroom mirror casing is level and mark the mounting points and mains cable entry position

Using an appropriate drill bit, drill the mounting holes and fit wall plugs (ensure you are using the correct wall plugs based on whether the wall is masonry or plasterboard)

Pull the mains cable through and fit the casing to the wall using the provided screws

Please refer to the manual for fitting diagrams.