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Bathroom Mirrors with Bluetooth Speakers

Our Audio Bluetooth Mirrors range is designed to incorporate all of the functionality you expect from our mirrors whilst saving precious space in smaller bathrooms.

With built-in demister pads, sensor switches and the latest lighting technology, the ultra slim range combines affordable style with intelligent anti-steam features.  From vibrant colour change effects to the ultra slim magnification and LED clock range, there’s a slim-line style to suit all bathrooms and budgets.

As with all of our illuminated mirrors, our bluetooth range comes with a 10 year warranty and next day delivery.

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Audio Bluetooth Mirrors

Dot Formation

Bar Formation

Glowing Acrylic Edge

Dot Formation

Bar Formation

Frosted Edge

Double Edge Lit Mirrors

Side Ambience Mirrors

Top Light Audio

Ultra Slim Mirrors with Underlighting, Bluetooth, Demister & Sensors