Ultra-Slim Dot(2)

Our range of ultra slim dot mirrors have classic point lights in a range of styles to bring extra sparkle and light to your room. Dot lights are attractive and available in a range of styles and mirror layouts. Despite the dot formation being delicate, they still provide an abundance of light so you know you always look your best when you leave the house. More…

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All of our dot formation mirrors come with high-quality LED lighting, but choose to upgrade with a range of options such as demister pads, sensory and pull cords. You can also choose to opt for our dot formation mirrors with battery operation, this way there’s no need to attach your mirror to mains electricity and you can simply hang your mirror and enjoy it from the get go. These mirrors look great in any bathroom and when upgraded to include Bluetooth audio, you not only upgrade the look and style of your bathroom, but also the vibe with high-quality music to be enjoyed. 

What’s more, like most products from Illuminated Mirrors, these mirrors come with free delivery and 10 years warranty for your peace of mind.