Currys training academy lit up by talent

ARC uses Diamond X mirrors in its display to motivate the trainees.

The talented team at ARC created an interactive display featuring a Hollywood mirror together with quirky illuminated arrows made in collaboration with Diamond X.

Currys and ARC - Training academy Hollywood mirror with arrows
Currys and ARC - Training academy Hollywood mirror

Feel like a Hollywood star

Currys wanted to encourage their trainees to dream big and aspire to excellence at the training academy. The team at ARC - commissioned by Currys - proposed that Hollywood mirrors are the perfect way to make anyone feel like a star. Naturally, they turned to the Diamond X team because of their high-quality Hollywood style illuminated mirrors and vast bespoke design experience.

ARC contacted the Illuminated Mirrors / Diamond X bespoke team using the web form on The account management team rapidly responded to clarify requirements and to plan project delivery. The details were confirmed within a few email exchanges, and the mirrors were delivered quickly and in line with the challenging project timeline.

Creative opportunities

ARC soon realised that the Diamond X team's impressive customer service and manufacturing capabilities opened up even more creative possibilities.

ARC and Diamond X then collaborated to produce the genuinely unique and eye-catching illuminated arrow signs to really draw the viewer into the Hollywood mirror installation.

The final element required was an illuminated acrylic sign featuring the client's logo. It's not a mirror, of course, but by this time, ARC knew this was well within the capabilities of the bespoke Diamond X team.

Currys and ARC - Training academy Hollywood mirror
Currys and ARC - Bespoke team

Your bespoke team

Our ability to design and deliver fully bespoke mirrors quickly is due to our incredibly talented people.

We have a research and development team designing and building our new products and bespoke mirrors (R&D). They are incredibly experienced and versatile, having created hundreds of mirrors, cabinets, point of sale and illuminated signs.

R&D work closely with the dedicated account managers to ensure a rapid service for all our bespoke customers. The Managing Director (the Boss!) also gets in on the action: he personally handles Quality Assurance - checking every bespoke mirror we make.

Currys and ARC - Bespoke team

Extensive fabrication capabilities

We are perfectly positioned to meet all your bespoke needs as we have high-end manufacturing equipment and skilled operators/craftsmen on site.

Mirror and glass

  • Glass polisher
  • Glass beveller
  • Automatic sandblaster
  • CNC cutter with automatic glass loader
  • Glass drill
  • Shape beveller (complex curves)


  • Laser cutter
  • Flatbed CNC
  • CNC metal bender
  • Metal bender
  • CNC milling machine
  • Aluminium saw
  • Flat-bed UV printer

Find out more on our UK manufacturing page.

ARC's journey of discovery

ARC initially contacted the Diamond X team with a simple bespoke mirror request. However, once they realised how much the team were capable of, they immediately saw further opportunities for collaboration. They are not alone. We've had numerous customers return to work with us, having had a great experience with our high-quality products and customer service.

Currys and ARC - Visualisationb

What are you waiting for?

We use our expertise to create bespoke mirrors to delight and inspire. We have the equipment and skills to make you a mirror (or display!) that reflects your style and perfectly meets your needs.

Whatever your ideas, contact us, and we can get the ball rolling on your dream designs.

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