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Diamond X Collection

Diamond XCollection

Why Choose Our Luxurious
Handmade Illuminated Mirrors?

From ultra slim mirrors for restricted spaces to multi-functioning ambient LED mirrors, we provide elegant solutions to bathroom design.Superbly finished with lines that please the eyes
and blend and integrate with their background.You can be sure of a stunning effect for your bathroom space - and a high-utility piece of equipment for your personal needs.
For smaller spaces, the Diamond X Collection's slimline and small mirrors are a stunning and unobtrusive solution.The large bathroom mirrors in the collection provide a beautiful focal point in larger, open spaces.Whatever size mirror you opt for, however, you can be
sure that it will reflect the personality and style of the space around it.Our range is flexible, Customisable to your needs and offers huge variation in style, size and function to integrate with your decorative and practical requirements.
The amazing features of the Diamond X Collection include demisting functions for a constantly clear mirror - even if you've just stepped out of the shower.with a range of different illumination can choose a mirror that best suits your environment. All of our mirrors feature high quality LED lighting, which illuminates your
reflection and makes applying make-up and other tricky tasks a lot easier. Convenience is at the core of our diamond X Collection designs.with sockects for razors and electric toothbrushes, built-in clocks and radios, infra-red switches and standalone battery operated mirrors that require no mains wiring
The result is elegant, technically advanced, practical mirrors that add impact and style to the space they occupy.
Our bathrrom mirrors are robust and long lasting. Providing irreplaceable convenience and practicality to any bathroom.
We're so certain that your mirror will perform as it should that we will fix any defect that occurs over the first 10 years of usage. Whatever might go wrong with your mirror over the course of a decade, as unlikely as it may be, we will fix it and make sure your mirror works as well as the day you installed it. If your aren't completely satisfied with
your mirror upon delivery. We offer a 14 day money back guarantee on all purchases.
Our mirrors meet all the required safety. design and construction standards and RoHS compliant. They meet energy efficiency standards and conform with all relevant EU regulations.
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No quibble Warranty

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