Our showroom

There is nothing like seeing our fantastic range of mirrors for yourself, which is why we have opened a new showroom where our whole array of illuminated mirrors is on display for you to compare, try and test to find the one that is perfect for your needs. You will appreciate even more the versatility, functionality and sheer elegance of our products by seeing them in the environment for which they were intended. Our showroom has been custom-built to a high specification with over 40 mirror styles displayed to their greatest advantage. 

Expert advice and guidance

Our team of expert and friendly salespeople are waiting to help you define your requirements and find the product to suit you. You can be confident that you will get the assistance you need and the perfect product to enhance and decorate your bedroom or bathroom space.

Enjoy your viewing and buying experience

Just walking around the showroom is an experience in itself with the amount of high-class, elegant mirrors on view. See how the other half live – at least in their bed and bathing areas! And to complete your day, we offer easy parking, refreshments and a huge range of products in stock and onsite – so whatever you choose, you will almost certainly be able to walk away with on the day.

Virtual tour

Nothing beats seeing our mirrors with your own eyes, but we can do the next best thing. If you call one customer service team, they will be happy to organise a virtual walk-around the showroom. This means you can see our products from any angle and discuss the styles and features with one of our knowledgeable team. 

Book your appointment today

Our showroom is open from 9am to 4pm Mon- Fri. Appointment only.*  Please note that our showroom is currently CLOSED