Handmade in Britain

We make beautiful mirrors for people
who care about quality.

We are devoted to hand-crafting our mirrors right here in the UK. Using the finest parts and best processes we make the kind of stuff that we'd be happy to have in our homes; And we love our work so much that virtually all of us do!

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Made in Britain

We are very proud members of the
Made in Britain organisation.

Made in Britain supports and promotes British manufacturing, enabling buyers and consumers at home and abroad to identify British-made products.

Only companies that can prove they manufacture their products in the UK are allowed to use the Made in Britain logo.

Designed perfection

We love our clean lines and
elegant-modern-classic style.

It's the kind of simple confidence in design that complements any decorative theme. We could say it's a reflection of you!

Wherever you choose to install your mirror – as a natural centrepiece or more discretely – it will elegantly enhance your carefully crafted ambience.

With painstaking care, we design every detail for exceptional performance so our mirrors look and feel fantastic - now and for many years to come.

Best bits = best mirrors

We don't use just any old bits.

Every part and material that goes in to our mirrors is carefully selected and quality checked. Only when they prove themselves up to the task will we let them be a part of our mirrors.

Once our craftsmen have assembled the mirrors we thoroughly check that every detail is spot-on. Only then do we give them the stamp of approval.

This means that all our mirrors are the best they can be. And that's why we can offer an amazing lifetime guarantee on Hollywood mirrors, and 10-year on bathroom mirrros and cabinets.

Your colour. Triple coated.

We've carefully selected a range of classic colours to suit our mirrors.

We lovingly apply not one, not two, but three luxurious coats. Our hand-sprayed high-gloss paint forms a hard-wearing, flawless finish. And the mirror will keep its beautiful charms for many, many years of service.

What's more, is that because we lovingly make our mirrors to order, you can have any colour you want! * (* OK, well there may be limits – who knows? – if you don't ask, you don't get, right!?) … So, get in touch and ask about our bespoke service.

Super-safe packaging

We just can't stop caring when it's time for our beautiful mirrors to leave us.

We want you to feel every bit of the excitement and joy that we put into making them. To keep your mirror safe, we've specially designed our packaging to be the perfect size and shape to fit each mirror super-snugly. And it works!

We're sure that when our mirrors reach you, they'll be in fine fettle and will instantly make themselves a home in your heart (and in your home!).

In fact our packing is so good we currently have a zero percent breakage rate!

You can't hurry love

We make our mirrors to order.

Putting so much love into our mirrors can take a little time, so please bear with us. Don't worry, you wont have to wait ages for it... and the result is always worth it.

…so why are some available right now?

Some of our mirrors are so popular that we'd be crazy not to make a few extra to keep on the shelf. They don't stay there for long, but it means that you get the same fantastic quality mirror faster.

Bespoke mirrors

Bespoke mirrors

Since we design and manufacture our mirrors right here in Great Britain, we offer a mirror customisation service so you can create your perfect mirror.

First, you choose the exact size, shape and style that you need. Next select a killer combination of features such as power outlets, backlight or downlights. You can even finish it off with a flourish by personalising with laser engraving. Take a peek at some of the bespoke mirrors we've already made for other happy customers who are serious about their personal style.

Contact us to create your bespoke bathroom mirror or Hollywood mirror.


The Managing Director's promise to you

"I want to make my customer's buying experience on Illuminated-Mirrors the best ever"

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