About Illuminated Mirrors

About Illuminated Mirrors

Our Mission

To create and deliver high-quality, wow-factor mirrors and cabinets here in Great Britain.

We aim to bring manufacturing back home and invite our customers to be part of that story.

Made in Britain

Who we are and what we do

Illuminated Mirrors was established in 2008 and soon became known as the UK's largest LED mirror supplier to trade and retail customers. Today we deal with thousands of customers ranging from wonderful everyday online shoppers remodelling their bathrooms, to massive development companies; from sole-trader sparkies or plumbers to the most spectacular and exclusive hotels in the world. With a broad range of products and bespoke services, we don't do boring, and we don't usually say no. Come one, come all. Small or large, we thrive best when we are challenged.

We are a specialist company with expert knowledge in illuminated mirrors and cabinets. Illuminated Mirrors continues to lead innovation with the introduction of full-colour dynamic lighting, high-quality audio and smart home integration. Family owned and run, we are proud to develop local craftsmen while trading globally. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality products backed by personal and trusted customer service.



Mirrors & cabinets sold

1 million+

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You claim that your products are better quality – why?

We have been designing and building illuminated mirrors since 2008. When we launched, the quality of our products set us apart from our competitors. Since then, we have only improved! We use only high-quality mirror glass, structural and electronic components that we source from our trusted suppliers. Our craftsmen build and hand-finish our products in our local factory so we can be sure that the quality of the products is maintained throughout manufacture.

Because we are specialists and experts, we have the experience to design and build the best quality mirrors and cabinets. This is why we are able to offer a 10-year guarantee on all of our products.

Who buys mirrors from you?

We have a very broad range of customers. Many are remodelling their bathrooms and are looking to buy a high-quality and stylish centrepiece mirror or cabinet. Our products are built to last. We know this is really important to our customers because we have so many come back to buy further products, as well as recommending them to friends and family. We also see many of the professionals who fit our products (electricians and plumbers), recommending them because of their enduring combination of style and quality.

We also sell to trade customers such as development companies and hotel chains who will only work with the best quality products because they will need to be tough enough to last. Other businesses such as TV companies buy our products to inject glamour on set.

In addition, we have an increasing demand for bespoke mirror services from individual customers and businesses who need something a little out of the ordinary. This could be for an interior design project such as a beauty salon refit which requires very large mirrors or sometimes even a relatively small but strangely shaped mirror to fit a certain location. We are proficient at designing quality mirrors from your requirements.

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What can I customise using the bespoke service? (shape, size, etc.)?

Bespoke means you can let your imagination run free – just contact us with your ideas to get the ball rolling. Because we handcraft our mirrors at our local factory, we can make mirrors to your specific requirements. Sometimes this means really big mirrors. While there is a practical limit of around 3m for a single mirror panel, we can use multiple panels to create truly stunning interiors.

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Do you have a showroom?

Visit our showroom to experience the quality and see that craftsmanship up close. We are happy to show you around, but we do ask you to make an appointment so that we can make one of our customer service representatives available.

Contact us to arrange a visit.

What kind of guarantee do you supply?

Most of our mirrors & cabinets come with a 10-year guarantee. We are only able to offer this because of the confidence we have in the build-quality of our products. As soon as you see and handle our products you can easily tell that they are head and shoulders above some of the cheap alternatives on the market.

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What colour/tone/temperature lighting do you use?

The colour temperature for each mirror and cabinet is listed on the product specifications. (a guide to colour temperature can be found here).

Do you have a pre-sales service?

In addition to showing you around the showroom, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to take you through all technical aspects of the products as well as delivery, guarantee, fitting or anything else.

Contact us and we’ll steer you in the right direction.