Music, Lights, Bubbles, SPLASH!

Whether it’s tearing them away from their latest TV show, game, or toy, starting the bedtime routine off from a negative place isn’t exactly conducive to that calm and collected sleep routine that we all desire for our children. Kids can dislike bath time for so many reasons, including the sense of it being the end of the day and having to hit the hay soon, to finding teeth brushing for a whole two minutes the most boring thing on earth. Or, perhaps once they’re in the bath, it’s more a case of getting them back out again that becomes more of a challenge!

So, let’s explore a little bit about how both music and colourful lighting can have informative, transitional, and positive emotional effects at bath time, along with some top tips on how to make the best use of Bluetooth audio and colour changing lighting functions.

Bathroom routine
Bathroom routine

Timetable with tunes

Much like how we use music throughout the day to help transition from playtime to tidy up time, we can also play it in the bathroom to signal and establish the different elements and tasks for the winding down of the day. Songs are a great way to ensure that you’re not overrunning, without continuously clock watching, and make tangible goal setting for children; ‘When this song is over, we have finished washing, and we’ll move on to play time,’ for example.

You can also use songs to get toothbrushing down to a T. – Instead of setting a timer for hesitant tooth-brushers, use their favourite 2-minute song to encourage thorough cleaning (and standing still for 2 minutes!)

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Engage with colour

The colour-changing ability of the ambient lighting function under the bathroom mirror means that you can program assorted colours to change and transition from colour to colour, or even gradually fade in and out to create a multisensory bath-time environment. Colour can have a dramatic impact on how we perceive things and can also affect our emotions, so creating their favourite colour hue in the bathroom through ambient lighting can really help instil a sense of calm amongst the chaos that bedtime often brings.

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Create consistency with play lists

Introducing routines can help set expectations of children, so selecting a few of their favourite songs for bath time that are played regularly and consistently in terms of timings, can really help with establishing this structure. To avoid over-excited kids who are left in a frenzy of splashing and soaking (us mainly!), it is worth giving some advance thought to various playlists of different music genres.

For example, choosing more upbeat, mood-boosting tunes can encourage fun water play, followed by softly serene selections to help them wind down, brush teeth and change into night wear. Ultimately, it comes down to the personality, age and needs of your children, so it may be a case of giving various playlists and tunes a go until you’ve discovered the combination that best works for them

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Encourage mindfulness with colour and sound

Combining music and calm colours can help introduce the concept of mindfulness, living in the present moment, and switching off after a busy school day, promoting heightened wellbeing, and facilitating an easy and natural start to a good nights’ sleep.

With so many different types of content to listen to, from stories to music and talks, the ability to play audio content that is personalised to you and your family is sure to help create a blissful bath and bedtime experience to enjoy.

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Enhance independence

For younger children, get them involved in the process of selecting their own playlists, to encourage independence and grow their love of music. This can also really assist with creative self-development too.

Encourage them to choose colours that team up with their song choices, and maybe even theme their playlists according to the books that they’re reading.

Structure the week

If you and your family thrive on processes and structure, you could for example, have a weeknight playlist and then a weekend playlist. – Perhaps the children are allowed to stay up a little later the weekend, or maybe you can select certain songs as a treat to end the week with a bit of fun?

Differentiating the evenings also helps to gently and subliminally inform and remind them of what to mentally prepare for the next day, without the constant nagging to get their belongings ready, etc.

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