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Bedroom vanity mirrors are glamorous table-top mirrors with a difference. Each mirror is diamond edge-lit and makes the perfect place to apply make-up and do your hair. You can also choose the option of auto RGB lighting for a mirror that’s even more luxurious. Each one comes as standard with a dim switch and the option to upgrade to Bluetooth audio and LED bulbs instead of strip diamond lighting. Upgrade your bedroom today with a vanity mirror. More…

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You’ll wonder how you’ve ever managed without our bedroom vanity mirrors. Each one has exceptional lighting to both brighten your bedroom and deliver ambient lighting for you to get ready in. These styles of mirrors are used by make-up artists and stylists alike, so why use anything but the best? 


These mirrors are now more affordable than ever before with the option to pay over three months using Klana and each one also comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty for your peace of mind.