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Our side ambience mirrors are available in a range of sizes to fit all bathroom spaces and requirements. Featuring parallel LED lights on the side edges of the mirror, these backlit bathroom mirrors exude a well balanced, cool light which will perfectly illuminate your viewing surface. Discover side ambience mirrors for sale below and find the latest addition for your bathroom. More…

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Why not upgrade your side ambience mirror to feature a Bluetooth speaker so you can play your favourite tunes to get you ready for the day whilst brushing your teeth. Or, add auto RGB to create a backlight that can be any colour you wish or even change alongside your music.

The comb pattern on either side of these mirrors creates a unique yet stylish addition to any bathroom. Shaver sockets, demisters and infra-red sensors allow for a mirror that not only shows your reflection whilst getting ready, but helps you get ready too.

For more information regarding our side ambience mirrors, view our help and support pages today.