Your Soundtrack Simply connect & play.

Enjoy your perfect playlist, pampering yourself
before getting ready to go out. Our Audio
Bluetooth Mirrors have an unparalleled sound
that will set the tone for the day (or evening)

Our craftsmen fit the high-quality speakers right here
in Wiltshire. This means that we can ensure our high
standards are met at every step of the production process.

Through Bluetooth Connectivity, your mobile device
becomes the music player. Easily connect your mobile
to your Mirror without any wires and play your favourite
tunes, right away!

Big speakers, big sounds

Big speakers make a richer, fuller sound. Our speakers are much larger than many of our competitors. Mobile phones are small so can only have a very small speaker.

All our mirrors are made from solid engineering materials. They hold the speakers firmly in place. This allows the speakers to sound their best.

Size Matters

Tiny speakers can sound tinny or thin. They miss out the lower notes. You’ll notice the difference once you hear the full range sound from our mirrors.

Seamless Integration

Our speaker system is a key part of the design of
our Hollywood Mirrors. This means we can hide the speakers without compromising the sound quality.

The speakers are fitted to the back of the mirror frame, out of sight. And even though you can't see them, our advanced speaker technology gives you a big, bright, precise sound.

Perfect for your favourite tunes.