Aura Underlighting(23)

This bathroom cabinet range will make your bathroom a relaxing haven with ambient lighting options that will make all the difference. Using soothing coloured light, these illuminated bathroom cabinets bathe your bathroom in a soft, relaxing light perfect for winding down in the bath, or just creating a chilled out vibe. All of our ambient bathroom cabinets are crafted with care and quality, browse the range below. More…

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Our ambient lighting cabinets are available in a range of styles to suit your bathroom. Choose from dot, bar, edge-lit, side ambience, super-bright glow or top-lit lighting options depending on your preference. There’s also the option of shaver sockets, demister pads and digital clocks to be added to your mirror, upgrade to your perfect cabinet today. 

Each one of these cabinets comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty for your peace of mind and the choice to pay over three months using Klana.