Bathroom trends

Bathrooms in 2023 are anything but basic. - Move over bland and lifeless spaces, and enter luxurious, elegant bathrooms that are as big on style as they are in function.

We’ve seen a substantial pivot towards expansive design and the merging of lifestyle elements with bathroom practicality in recent years. These themes continue to grow for 2023, where exciting new colour palettes, materials and design directions lead the way.

Let’s get inspired for your next bathroom makeover, and take a look at the latest bathroom styling trends for 2023:

bathroom design trends 2023


Organic shaped mirrors
Bathroom counter top

Serenity Spa

Minimalistic, pared back shapes and clean lines reign in this ‘sparoom’ styling story, which embraces the concept of decluttering both the bathroom and the mind. A space to relax and rest, and a place to think and dream. With a focus on wellness and escapism, this trend focusses on laid-back interior styling which embodies imperfection, stripped back simplicity, a focus on sustainable materials and effortless luxe.

In terms of materials, think understated luxury with raw edges, slabs of natural stone, organic pieces, and unique options without any fussy detailing. Marvellous marble is also making a comeback this year and is an effective way to give a bathroom a spa inspired glow up.

Frameless, organically shaped mirrors with rounded corners and edges would suit this look, adding a softness and enhancing the simplicity of the design credentials. Be inspired by natural palettes of watery grey-blue, sand and beige for a tonal scheme with just a hint of calming colour for the ultimate sanctuary.

Serenity spa bathroom trend 2023


Cosy & Cocooning

Wood is having a moment in the Bathroom space, and for 2023 we’re seeing an influx of timber cabinets and vanity units. As a material, wood is strong and durable and easy to clean. A versatile option, it visually warms up a space without tying in a specific colour scheme.

Some of our favourite wooden bathroom looks for 2023 include slatted, fluted and ribbed effects and also curved wood walls.To keep the aesthetic soft, friendly and with a Scandinavian versatility, stick to blonde, warm tones, avoiding anything too dark or grey.

Rustic wood in bathrooms
Backlit capsule-shaped mirror
warm and textural bathroom space


Ribbed effect bathroom furniture

To add further coziness and a homely appeal, tonal caramel, honey, and biscuit tones can be layered together to create a dramatic effect. Look out for Terracotta and Rust coloured tiles, or for a more relaxed scheme, select an exposed plaster wall, and complement with warm, textured towels and basket-ware.

Elegant backlit mirrors with copper frames, pill shapes and textural rugs can all help to complete this warm, enveloping look. When accessorizing this look, avoid anything with too much contrast when it comes to colour, favouring harmonious palettes instead.

Cosy bathroom design trend 2023


Timeless Storytelling

With William Morris inspired print and pattern popping up throughout the world of interiors, we are now seeing a nostalgic arts and crafts twist filter through into bathrooms, with characterful abundance.

Bathrooms can be the ideal space to go big when it comes to design, and a stand-alone country cottage style like this can help to change the pace in the home, even if the rest of your interior is minimalistic chic.

Bold and beautiful surface patterns that are most often found on upholstery and reserved for living spaces are finding their way into the bathroom space for 2023, often through window treatments such as curtains and blinds. Wallpaper can add a further element of storytelling to your bathroom design. A detailed vinyl wallpaper can help create a focal point in a bathroom as well as bring a stronger lifestyle feel into play. A resurgance in flounces and fabrics are gaining popularity to soften the straight verticals of window frames.

Tiles with trailing patterns are an alternative way to create a statement mural-style wall, and this works particularly well to soften a shower area. For this classic storytelling trend, the devil is in the detail. When it comes to fixtures and fittings, include luxurious hints of warm metallics such as brushed bronze and gold to keep things classic, and tie accessories in with other fixtures and fittings for a cohesive design.

Arts & crafts bathroom design trend 2023
Tiled mosaic wall pattern to create visual interest


Circular bathroom mirror
Hamar White Frame Mirror

Warmed up Whites

Pure white is no longer the go-to when redesigning bathrooms in 2023. Instead, we are seeing a move towards mixed, creamy off-whites to add warmth and texture in a more welcoming and elegant way.

Consider cream, taupe or ivory and layer these with varied materials to create a stylish, modern aesthetic. Using multiple white tones in this way creates a thrown-together subtlety and effortless style.

Select mood and ambient lighting to add depth and layering, including backlit mirrors for a show-stopping centrepiece. For softness, a white metal framed mirror would make a tasteful and sophisticated addition to cream walls.

Warmed up white bathroom trend 2023


Go Green!

When it comes to adding colour in the Bathroom, warmer greens with natural undertones are a favourite for 2023. They gently nod to the natural undercurrent theme of the trends this year, whilst creating a harmonious palette alongside real plants.

Olive and sage green glassware with sprigs of foliage are the perfect way to pull in some subtle colour, whilst eucalyptus and mint tones help bring a lightness for summer.

Colourful glassware by way of candles and vases are great ways to enhance a bathroom’s lifestyle aesthetic. Position them near natural light sources to make the most of the colour, and coordinate with tonal towels and plants to complete the look.

Olive Green organic inspired bathroom
Go green bathroom trend


plain round mirrors

Line up, line up!

Move over slat walls, kit-kat tiles are the next big thing. Slimline, rectangular tiles placed vertically create a texture and organic style that is not over-the-top. They add just enough interest to draw attention in focal areas, but in a low-key way.

They can also really help enhance the feeling of space in smaller bathrooms, by drawing the eye upwards. Choose tiles with subtle graduations of colour to add interest and prevent the wall from looking too flat, and pair with a round mirror for the perfect pop of contrast.

Use round mirrors to break-up straight lines


A Pop of Pastel

For a whimsical appeal and an injection of fun in the bathroom for 2023, why not pull in some sweet rainbow tones? Pair irregular shaped mirrors, rounded basins, characterful lighting and wall art with corals, mints, and satsuma hues – a celebration of all things bold and beautiful, where anything goes.

This trend is ideal for family bathrooms, where colour changing lighting and mirrors, and funky prints can all help add a playful element, appealing to both children and grown-ups alike.

The style direction is also a feast for the senses; consider bathroom pieces with smart elements to enhance your experience, such as voice activation, built-in music systems and automatic lighting.

Pastel colour palletes for bathroom design
Characterful bathroom design


Colourful ambient underlighting

For a further injection of personality, consider an on-trend chequerboard style floor to really make the pastels pop.

For this style story, matching is not the most essential element, but coordinating is! It is about sourcing the pieces you love and finding ways to pull the room together by repeating the same hues, materials, and shapes throughout the interior. – Find one or two common threads and weave them through the scheme so that it all hangs together beautifully.

Playful pastel bathroom theme