UK Manufacturing Capabilities

Comprehensive fabrication and assembly

We are specialists in illuminated mirror design and manufacture. We use our experience to bring new and innovative products to market quickly.

Our responsive production capabilities are made possible by our investment in a fully-equipped UK manufacturing facility. With up to 150 mirrors per day Made in Britain, you have the assurance of a secure and reliable supplier.

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Mirror and Glass Processing

We import large sheet mirrors, which we cut, shape and finish in-house.

Working from stock materials, we have full control so can react quickly to changing manufacturing requirements. Beyond grinding and polishing, many of our mirrors also require drilling and other specialist finishing process such as sandblasting and printing, which are all available on site.

Aluminium Fabrication

For a long service life, mirror glass requires substantial support from the mirror frame. We use high-grade aluminium for excellent dimensional stability combined with rust-proof qualities.

We have extensive experience in engineering aluminium to exact specifications. Many of our products use standard components for efficiency. However, our engineering team can effectively solve even the most demanding construction challenges. Starting from stock materials, we drill, saw and machine to precise tolerances.

Packing and Despatch

Our commitment to quality extends far beyond manufacturing products. We also have flexible pack and despatch procedures to suit your needs.

Our specially designed packaging provides unparalleled protection. Large orders are delivered by lorries on pallets while couriers deliver smaller orders as appropriate. Our extensive warehousing facility also allows us to offer trade customers beneficial delivery options such as call-off.

Environmental Responsibility

We take our environmental responsibility seriously. We build products to last, make them easily recycled at the end of their service life, and exceed British and European guidelines.

We continually refine our processes to use the minimum amount of materials. Any leftovers, we take great care to recycle responsibly.

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Customisation and Design

We have extensive experience in collaborating with our customers to meet their challenges. The ideal size and shape of a mirror is just the start.

We offer bespoke design and customisation services on all our products, whether they are one-offs or part of an ongoing contract. Using innovative, proprietary printing processes together with laser technology, we can bring your ideas to reality. Contact us to create your perfect mirror.

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