The Diamond X Collection(0)

Find Out Why You Should Choose Our Luxurious Hand Made LED Illuminated Mirrors for Your Bathroom.

Designs and attributes we believe make the Diamond X Collection range of Led and florescent bathroom mirror products stand out from the rest.

Optimum Quality - This is the 1st most important factor we want from any product we sell - The Diamond X Collection delivers this on all fronts. The designs and functionality of LED illuminated mirrors in this range are incomparable to others.

Slim line - Our range of slim line illuminated bathroom mirrors has the thinnest frame profile in the UK.

LEDS that really do practically last forever - How ever if you are extremely unlucky to have a failure Diamond X is the only brand in the UK to have easy replaceable led strips that can be replaced extremely easily with out having to take the illuminated bathroom mirror off the wall!

Diamond cut glass - The glass on all of the illuminated bathroom mirror products we sell is of the finest quality. Its crystal clear (NOT TINTED) and has a 2mm beveled edge.

Long, Long warranty - 10 years no quibble, no fuss and exchanged the next day for free if stock of the same illuminated bathroom mirror available.

Complete safety and peace of mind - We have invested in your safety and the Diamond X Collection has passed all CE, ROHS and IP44 tests.

Self sensor brand - Diamond X only uses the best and most reliable infra red sensors and SELF (the company that make the sensors) make the best sensor for the job with an exceptionally low if non existent failure rate. Yet again though we offer easily fitted replacements.