Bluetooth audio

Bluetooth music streaming

X-Audio for mirrors

These induction speakers are fixed to the mirror's back and convert the mirror glass into high-quality speakers… clever!


Bluetooth audio

Music streaming cabinets

X-Audio for Cabinets

These marine-grade speakers are securely fitted to the aluminium cabinet chassis for great sound.

Luxurious yet tough

The ocean is tough on electronics, and so are the boats built to ride them. Boats get hit by waves and are constantly shaken by their engines.

Our marine grade speakers are designed to make luxury yachts sound great. Built to survive the ocean, they’ll last for years in your bathroom.

Keep your phone safe

Most phones break when they get wet. Easily done if you’re playing tunes and put them next to the sink.

Wire-free Bluetooth streaming allows you to keep your phone safely in the dry. Played through our superior mirror speakers, you can also enjoy a richer sound with no risk of splashing your precious mobile.