Aura Lighting System

Ambient backlighting and downlighting

Aura lighting system - backlight mirror

Lighting options that make your mirror a centrepiece, creating an atmosphere to suit your mood.

Aura backlighting or underlighting adds a new dimension to your illuminated mirror and your room. It's the ultimate finishing touch.

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Aura vs front lights

We apply two different types of lighting to our illuminated mirrors: front lighting and Aura lighting. The front (or "main") lights are on the front of the mirror, and they come in many patterns of spots and bars and are often white. Aura lights shine out or down from behind the mirror's edge, bouncing off the surrounding surfaces to create a pleasing, indirect ambient light.

360° edge-lit mirrors use the same light source is used for front-facing and edge lights.

Downlighting and backlighting

As the name suggests, downlights shine from behind the mirror's bottom edge to illuminate the area below.

Backlights shine outwards and backwards from behind the edge of the mirror. The light floods the surrounding surfaces in all directions creating a beautiful indirect room lighting effect.

Spa Mode

Aura lighting options vary with each mirror range, but they may be white, single-coloured or, in the case of our Spa-mode models, a full spectrum of colours and sequences controlled by remote control.

Spa Mode gives you the ultimate in colour control. Choose to chill with a subtle atmosphere for a relaxed and indulgent soak in the tub. Or, choose an exhilarating flashing program to prepare for a night on the town.

White and single colours

Some of our ranges offer white front lights that feature switchable colour temperatures. Also known as CCT (correlated colour temperature), the LEDs can switch between a warm white (3,500°K) or cool light (6,500°K). Aura backlights in these systems will automatically match the front lights' colour temperature.

Many mirrors come with single-colour downlights where the colour (or white) is chosen at the time of purchase. These are ideal if you are sure of your colour design requirements when buying your mirrors, as they cannot be changed once purchased.