We care about our environment

One of our core values is continuous improvement. We aim to improve in all sectors from the treatment of staff to the contentment of you, our customers. We care about our environment and the future planet. So, what improvements are we making to achieve sustainability?

10-year guarantee

Our guarantee gives you confidence that our products are well built. However, it also makes us think long and hard about the quality of all the components and processes we use. We want your beloved new centrepiece to be environmentally friendly with a long service life; not a short-lived commodity that will be scrapped and replaced. It's a win for you, and it's a win for the planet.

End of life recycling

When it's time to dispose of a product, every part can be recycled through the local recycling centre. We make our products from easily recycled materials:

  • Aluminium
  • Mirror (glass)
  • Electrical components
  • Cardboard

That does not much leave much for landfill!

Quality components

We were amongst the first to move our entire product range from fluorescent and incandescent lighting to energy-saving LEDs. Our customers have been saving energy while reducing CO2 emissions ever since.

Our high-quality LED drivers transform over 90% of the input power to output power, so they make the best use of the electricity supplied

We have developed bespoke packaging almost entirely made of cardboard. (Some packages contain absolutely no packing foam, while others use a bare minimum which is made using recycled materials).

  • Aluminium comes from Cheltenham
  • Mirror glass comes from Bristol
  • LED drivers come from Liverpool
  • Cardboard comes from Chippenham

Locally sourced components

With our expanding manufacturing capability based in Britain, we are sourcing more and more of our components locally.

We used to buy many of our parts from China. China used to be thought to produce only cheaply made or inferior products but in the last 15 years, that's simply not the case. We have built strong relationships focused on supplying high-quality components. All the parts we use are quite frankly world-class. However, if we can cut the number of shipping containers we have transport, then so be it!

Recycling at our factory

Here at HQ, we place a similar emphasis on recycling. We recycle any waste cardboard, MDF, mirror or aluminium produced when making your bathroom or bedroom beauties.

Compliance with standards

We comply with UK and international standards that deal with the responsible disposal of electrical products (CE, WEEE and ROHS). While much of this is a legal requirement, from the very start of product development, we keep these qualities in mind.

Environmental responsibility