Bathroom trends
for 2022

What was once simply one of the most functional rooms in the home, is fast becoming a space where homeowners love to inject personality, create scenes of serenity and experiment with leading design directions.

The emphasis of a bathroom has shifted in recent years to one of being a haven in which to relax, rest and escape from life’s pressures. As such our focus on creating bathroom interiors in which to switch off, has become a leading design story of late.

Below are some of our favourite forecasts for 2022 bathroom trends to help you create your own blissful sanctuary.

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Tactile and Textural

We are seeing strong linear textures developing in the world of bathrooms, as people commit to making bolder style statements. Slatted wooden feature walls which are also filtering through into furniture design too are gaining popularity, alongside an array of fluted textures and shiplap style wall panels, which can also be created with tiles or wall panels.

Texture is a great way of adding interest to simple, pared back colour schemes, or designs that are monochromatic, and the addition of slatted wood can help soften clinical bathrooms.


Worn Golds

The use of warm metals such as aged brass and copper have been making a come-back for a while, but instead of being an after-thought to an interior bathroom scheme, we’re now seeing whole designs based around the finishes as the starting point. Brass finishes around mirrors and on taps and shower heads is a great way of interpreting this trend and updating your bathroom look without having to completely overhaul the whole room interior.


Try starting with a style statement focal point such as a striking, round mirror with a bold, brass edge, and build your room from here. Worn, warm metals add a little hotel-luxe to simple bathroom designs, and there only needs to be subtle hints dotted around the room to really pull it all together and elevate the design.

As well as deep, inky blue and charcoal, brushed brass can be paired beautifully with layered whites for a fresh look. For a colour pop, add blush and raspberry tones or olive and bottle greens.

In a classic bathroom scheme with gold coloured brassware, opt for traditional bathroom blues, such as Indigo and Slate for a timeless appeal.


Exposed Frames

The industrial influences of recent trends show no signs of slowing down, with lots of exposed frame designs being translated into bathroom items such as shower screens and mirrors.

For an urban influence that oozes sophistication and drama, opt for exposed plumbing and elements edged in black.

Keep the whole bathroom scheme black and white for a trendy, sleek look, or add accents of strong colour for a bolder style statement. Warm pinks with terracotta undertones pair beautifully as a contrast with black or charcoal.


Sustainable Schemes

As we are becoming increasingly more aware of our impact on the planet, we’re making more eco-conscious interior design decisions too. Natural material choices and carefully selected, sustainably sourced bathroom designs are becoming more popular and are encouraging us to lead slower, more sustainable lives. We’re seeing slabs of understated, organic materials that are used as counter tops, and the introduction of other natural resources with a distinctly artisanal feel.

This use of natural elements can also be conveyed in terms of colour palettes, with a preference for earthy, organic hues such as warm olive greens, terracotta, clay, apricot, and aubergine in this raw and laid-back design story.

There are many ways of injecting these palettes into your own bathrooms, such as through towels and accessories, or for a bold look with more permanence, opt for striking, coloured tiles or paintwork.


Organic Styling

The trend for imperfect form in design is also growing. Taking inspiration from natural elements, we see this style direction translated into irregular, organic shapes, and lines. Whilst bathrooms can tend to be more clinical by nature, there are many ways of injecting a dose of serenity to help bring the outside in.

Pebble-shaped mirrors can create a striking focal point to a bathroom, and bring a subtle, free-flowing asymmetrical design quality to the whole room. Pair with other natural inspired elements such as plants and simple, textured accessories for a calming space, with stripped back, Japandi influences.


Curves and Arches

Organic, sleek designs, with rounded corners, lozenge and arch shapes are all very much at the forefront of bathroom schemes for 2022 and provide a more delicate contrast to break the otherwise angled geometric lines of a bathroom.

As homeowners look to incorporate softer, welcoming, and accessible design, we are seeing strong curved influences with round-edged cabinets, furniture, and mirrors to create a flowing and friendly look and feel.

Arches are a great way of framing and drawing attention to a certain aspect of a room and help soften any harshness. Select other accessories and sanitaryware with curved edges to create a continuous and cohesive bathroom scheme.


Bold and Boundless Design

For those looking for drama, colour is certainly big on the list for this year.

Warm, nature-inspired greens are big news for 2022, and in terms of their usage, we foresee them being used in a monochromatic, colour blocking style. - Change the pace and break the colour up with varying tones or adding in textures such as wood, for warmth.

For those who love their summer colours a little more, we’re seeing the Pantone colour of the year for 2022, Very Peri, starting to make its way into the world of bathrooms. Use it sparingly as a colour pop on some tiles, or daringly as a statement furniture piece.


A new way of using colour confidently in the bathroom for 2022, is by creating a neutral space with highlights of bold hues. This is a great way to inject some personality into a neutral room, without too much commitment. Pair deep blues with neutrals and some cane or wicker accessories for an instant refresh.

If pattern is more your thing, printed tiles are still popular for 2022, and they’re a great way to create an element of fun in a bathroom space. Opt for muted pastels with geometric prints for a trend led, colourful look. Tile a feature wall for a bold statement, or just the floor for a scheme that’s just a little more understated.


Biophilic Bathrooms

We’ve filled the rest of our homes with them, and so it was only a matter of time until we started to adorn our bathrooms with plants too. Bringing the outdoors inside, of which many of these trends above encompass, is a huge interior styling story that we see developing even more in 2022.

Real botanicals provide a number of physical and mental health benefits, such as purifying the air and reducing stress, as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

Trailing plants are particularly well suited to bathroom environments and can be hung in freestanding baskets so as not to encroach on that ever-precious floor space, and many tropical plants enjoy the humidity that the bathroom can provide.

Plants break the harsh, often cold lines of bathrooms, and instantly provide a softer look and feel for a space.