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Mirrors have two main roles in the home: they need to work from both a functional and practical perspective in terms of reflection, but also as importantly, they also need to look great to help balance and complete an interior scheme.

Bathroom Mirrors

A mirror can instantly elevate an interior space by bouncing light around the room, maximising natural light and helpfully create larger and brighter looking spaces, offering solutions to some of the challenges when it comes to renovating some of the smaller rooms in the home, such as bathrooms and dressing rooms.

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Shaped mirrors

On Trend

The popular (and still growing) trend for curved interiors has paved the way for a wide variety of shaped mirrors to complete an interior scheme and really add the wow factor

The perfect final addition to an inviting, organic inspired bathroom space, a shaped wall mirror can help add an effortless sophistication with the continuation of the curved design, and they can also assist with creating an elegant softness to otherwise hard angles of a room.

From pill shaped to pebble, the trend for mirrors with curves certainly doesn’t appear to be waning any time soon. Here are a few of our favourite shaped mirrors and how they can be best used in your own home to complete a beautiful interior space.

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Oh so Oval

Both sophisticated and stylish, an oval shaped mirror offers a modern take on tradition, inspired by organic influences. Mostly hung portrait on the wall, oval mirrors enable you to see more of your reflection compared with square and circular mirrors, so from a practical perspective they certainly tick all the boxes. Smaller sizes are good for rooms with less space, and are great for narrow walls, making them a perfect option for compact bathrooms and dressing rooms.

Though very much a current and contemporary trend, oval mirrors have a place in history as well as featuring in many fairy tales too, and so they’re a fabulous choice for more traditionally styled rooms and add a sense of elegance and gracefulness. – Perfect for a sophisticated dressing room! For a different look, oval mirrors can often also be hung landscape, which is especially helpful when visually framing a wide piece of furniture underneath, as it aids with balancing the space. Opting for a backlit oval mirror can add a subtle ambient glow that will enhance your scheme and give it a little luxury.

Our Experts Summary

Ovals save space in more compact rooms, you can see a longer reflection, and they’re great at softening hard-edged interiors.

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Rounded corners

Radius corners offer a minimalist style with a modern take on the traditional square or rectangle. This relatively new shape to trend was borne out of the bold, (and currently very en vogue) Memphis style design influences of the ‘80s , which were all about creating soft, welcoming, and friendly designs.

Otherwise known as squircles, this mirror shape is not square, but it’s not circular either, inadvertently giving it a versatile appeal across different interior styles. The curved edges of this hybrid shape soften the otherwise angular aspect of traditionally straight mirror edges and embrace the popular interior design trend for rounded corners and edges in both furniture and lighting.

Because they still have all their corners, this mirror shape is useful as it includes a large expanse of viewing space, whether you select a square version or a more rectangular style. - So, there’s no scrimping on size, which makes them a good halfway house between traditional angular mirrors like rectangles, squares, and circles. They are an ideal option for replacing a classic square mirror design and for bringing a room right up to date, and they have a slightly fun, playful appeal which can help create a welcoming and comfortable space.

Our Experts Summary

Good for an injection of modernity in smaller rooms where you still need a large mirror space.

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Stunning circles

A symbol of energy and power with never-ending flow, round mirrors have been growing in popularity for many years, and they almost always work well to finish off an interior scheme, no matter the design or style of the room.

We love circular mirrors because they are a classic shape that will never date. – Round mirrors work perfectly for both traditional and modern interiors and have a timeless appeal, making them a dependable shape for all rooms and styles.

If you are looking to add drama to a space, one large round mirror will certainly make a statement and create the focal point that you’re seeking. Or try a combination of smaller sizes and arrange as a gallery wall of staggered mirrors to add interest and depth to an interior.

Our Experts Summary

Round mirrors are the perfect solution for adding wow factor and break-up hard lines.

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Nature’s form

Embrace the current trend by bringing a sense of the great outdoors in, with a free-flowing form to create a welcomed contrast of the angled straight lines of a room.

Asymmetrical in shape, with sleek, organic edges, pebble shaped mirrors are fabulous in many ways and offer a sense of tranquillity indoors for nature inspired interiors. Due to the irregularity of the shape, they work especially well in more relaxed interior schemes. - Pairing with rustic, raw, and natural textures and fabrics makes for an ideal combination.

A current design trend, a pebble mirror will instantly update your bathroom or dressing room space.

Our Experts Summary

With its organic lines, Pebble mirrors are perfectly suited to bathroom environments, and work well with earthy tones and natural stone and wood materials

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Industrial pill shapes

Inspired by the minimalistic interior trend, pill shaped mirrors are the perfect combination of sleek, straight lines and beautiful curves. Mostly hung portrait on the wall, they create an ideal mirror shape for slimline spaces and because they tend to be longer, they have a large viewing space, making them the ideal candidate for dressing rooms as well as bathrooms.

With their beautifully curved ends, they are the perfect antidote for softening up industrial inspired interiors. This combination of curves and straight lines gives them an effortlessly chic, contemporary feel. - They are an excellent halfway house between the traditional rectangular mirror style and a more contemporary circle.

Our Experts Summary

They add an instant, trend-led update to a room, and provide an edgy, industrial vibe.

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