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Scared of what you see in the mirror?


Imagine a life without mirrors. It’s a scenario some sectors of society might initially and whole-heartedly embrace. The newspapers are full of theories from health professionals, psychologists and feminists about the damaging effects of appearance and self image on young boys and girls.

Too fat, too thin, too ugly…a life without mirrors may seem like an attractive option. But of course, unless you plan on being stranded on a remote island, it’s impossible to avoid mirrors.

From the privacy of our bathrooms and bedrooms, to public toilets, to our cars, in shops – mirrors are everywhere. For those with a poor self image, what’s the answer? Poor self esteem can be the result of negative comments that have been blown out of proportion or because of the unrealistic demands of perfection paraded in airbrushed magazine covers. Remember nobody is flawless or perfect. When you look in the mirror, think of the things you like about yourself – whether it be something small like your eyebrows or your smile. Remember if we all looked the same, the world would be dull. Don’t avoid mirrors, but embrace them and learn to like the unique person staring back at you!