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The Trend of the Illuminated Bathroom Mirror


The home spa is an extremely desirable property feature, making the illuminated bathroom mirror a popular accessory in modern bathrooms.

When it comes to property, there are many desirable features that potential homebuyers look for. More and more, potential buyers are searching for that unique feature that makes their home stand out from the rest. If you want to differentiate your property from the rest, create a luxury home spa with a luxury bath tub, designer sink and taps, and an illuminated bathroom mirror.

Installing a home spa for your master bathroom can transform your property and boost its overall market value. So how can you make an ordinary bathroom facility look and feel like a real luxury spa?

Lighting – the way a room is lit can make a difference to the ambience and feel. Choose an illuminated bathroom mirror for a warm, relaxing, or romantic ambience.
Design – choose ultra modern floor and wall tiles to get that premium spa look.
Features – designer sinks and taps are ideal for home spas. What you should be aiming for is something extraordinary but not too commercial.
Details – the little things matter so think about colour coordination, or if you are going for that minimalistic style, choose chromes, whites and neutral tones.

From the freestanding bath to the illuminated bathroom mirror, from the ergonomically designed bathroom furniture to the designer toilet roll holder, there are so many ways you can make your bathroom look and feel extra special.

Using the Illuminated Bathroom Mirror

Creating a home spa is easy when you know what features will work. An illuminated bathroom mirror is a quick and easy way to turn your ordinary family into something truly spectacular. An illuminated bathroom mirror not only allows you to have that added lighting when you are grooming and cleaning, but it can create an atmosphere that is both relaxing and romantic.

Whether you want your home spa to be just for you, or for shared use with your friends, or your partner, an illuminated bathroom mirror can give you the warm ambience and atmosphere that you would want from an external spa and beauty resort.

Adding the Other Touches

If you don’t have the time, the money, or the energy to refurbish your entire bathroom, the simple addition of an illuminated bathroom mirror can provide a total transformation, with the help of a few other touches. Here are a few simple things you could add to the equation:

Candles, designer spa lighting, and bath lights.
Aromatherapy oils, burners and fragrances.
Luxury towels and bath robes
Specialist spa products

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Spa Time with Your Illuminated Bathroom Mirror


If your illuminated bathroom mirror has just arrived in the post (we’re pretty speedy with delivery), then you’re probably eager to get your little spa-like bathroom all set up and going.

Believe it or not, an illuminated bathroom mirror can really transform an ordinary bathroom into a luxury home spa. Not only can illuminated mirrors provide you with extra lighting for grooming, cleaning and styling, but it can help you achieve that wonderful ambience.

How to get the perfect spa in your home:

Light a few candles – please be careful with fire safety regulations and never leave flames unattended!
Treat yourself – when it comes to bath time, it’s perfectly acceptable to splash out on luxurious bath soaks, bath bombs and maybe even a glass of wine to help you unwind.
Lose yourself in a book – whether it’s your all-time favourite read, or a romantic novel, let your troubles melt away in a fantasy world.

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Perfect Plucking with an Illuminated Bathroom Mirror


We’re not beauty experts here at Illuminated Mirrors. But what we do have is a whole collection of the most wonderful bathroom mirrors. So when it comes to beautification, we’re here to shed a little light on things. Literally!

There are so many uses for the illuminated bathroom mirror. Some people just love to achieve that luxury spa feel in the comfort of their own homes, but others need a guiding light when it comes to grooming matters.

If you’re planning on purchasing one of our beautiful illuminated bathroom mirror products, here is a little eye-brow plucking guide to go with it!

Tips for perfect plucking:

Don’tover pluck – eyebrows can take a long time to grow back, so be careful not to overdo it when plucking!
Quality tweezers – if you want to make sure your DIY job looks as professional as possible, invest in a good quality pair of tweezers.
Clean your tweezers – avoid oil build up on the tips of your tweezers by cleaning thoroughly with alcohol based liquids.
Clean your skin – a clean face means a clean pluck, so make sure you have cleaned your skin before you start.

Four Great Uses for the Illuminated Bathroom Mirror


An illuminated bathroom mirror is a popular choice for modern bathrooms. Here are the top four reasons why people purchase illuminated mirrors.

The illuminated bathroom mirror is not only stylish and modern, but it is extremely practical too. Bathrooms need to be well lit for grooming, cleaning and beautification. An illuminated mirror can provide additional lighting to natural daylight and artificial light, giving users improved vision.

If you need to groom, beautify or clean with precision, illuminated mirrors can be a great purchase!

Here are four great uses for the illuminated bathroom mirror:

Cosmetic application – many women like to apply make up either in the bedroom or the bathroom, and this requires good lighting.
Skincare – if you have a rigorous skin care routine, an illuminated mirror can help you see what you are doing. It’s amazing but true that many teens and adults do not wash, tone and moisturise properly. Illuminated mirrors can help us see those hard-to-reach areas.
Shaving and grooming – the simplest things in life such as brushing your teeth, shaving or plucking require precision and sufficient lighting.
Lighting – illuminated mirrors can create a spa like feel in your bathroom. Most rooms have a lamp or some form of secondary lighting. When you want to dim the lights for a relaxing bath, illuminated bathroom mirrors create the perfect lighting solution.

Illuminated bathroom mirrors are not only great for grooming and beautification for both men and women, but they look extremely stylish. You can create that contemporary, luxury spa feel in your home by mixing and matching with ultra modern bathroom installations.

If you want to turn your bathroom into a modern space, choose minimalistic bathroom furniture and combine with illuminated mirrors.


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Illuminated Bathroom Mirror-Put Pores Under the Microscope


Oversized pores are a pesky problem for many people. If you weren’t born with flawless skin there are certain tips and tricks that can improve the texture and the appearance of your skin. Put your skin in the spotlight with an illuminated bathroom mirror.

If you would like to improve your skin the first step is to asses the current condition. Many spas offer skin consultations to assess your skin and identify areas that can be improved such as pore size. If you have an illuminated bathroom mirror you can carry out this analysis yourself. Examining your pores in the mirror will help to identify the areas that need attention and can help you to see if your pores are blocked.

Cleanse Tone and Moisturise
A regular cleansing routine can help to keep your pores in tip top shape. Before you retire to bed turn on your illuminated bathroom mirror and cleanse your face with cotton wool. This will remove all the makeup, dirt and grime that have collected during the day. Secondly, apply a toner to remove the last traces of debris to ensure your skin is clean and fresh. Lastly, apply a lightweight moisturiser to keep your skin feeling soft and smooth. Be wary of the products you use on your skin, a moisturiser that is too heavy can clog up pores. Ensuring dirt does not build up in pores will improve the appearance significantly.

Perfect your Pores
Upon wakening repeat your cleansing routine ensuring your skin is prepared for makeup application. Use your illuminated bathroom mirror to make applying foundation a breeze. Illuminated lighting can highlight areas of the skin where the foundation may need further blending. If foundation is applied correctly you can improve the appearance of the skin and minimise the appearance of pores. It should be noted that there is nothing you can do to physically reduce pore size but you can improve the appearance with clever makeup techniques.

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