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Bathroom Design Trends For 2024


In what can feel like an increasingly stressful and dangerous world, it is little wonder that many people are eager to treat their bathrooms as sanctuaries.

Whether you wish to overhaul or simply refresh your bathroom, you can imbue it with a wide array of timely touches — from eco-friendly elements to soothing tones. Here is a closer look at what we expect to be among the top bathroom trends for 2024.

Metallic mix

There is plenty of scope for creativity with the metal pieces you can mix and match. Those you choose can evoke your personality, with warm metals like copper and golds having been widely embraced.

Another appealing option is brass, especially when put at the heart of mosaic patterns. In creating these with tiles, you can give your bathroom a charmingly vintage feel.

Going big with tiling

Although they have long been mainly associated with commercial spaces, large-format tiles (classed as tiles measuring at least 800 by 800 mm) have more recently made their way to residential bathrooms as well.

In this setting, large-format tiles can come with fewer grout lines than what standard tiles would allow. You can anticipate giving your bathroom a crisper, more modern look that also proves easy to maintain with regular cleaning.

Free Woman with wineglass and flowers in bathtub Stock Photo

The ‘spathroom’

This portmanteau of ‘spa’ and ‘bathroom’ reflects the bathroom’s purpose as a place to unwind. Key to achieving the ‘spathroom’ look, feel, and ‘vibe’, is making sure all the senses are accounted for.

Just imagine running your fingers over smooth marble tiling as you shower, while listening to sounds of nature emanating from an audio system built into one of the bathroom walls.

Natural mystery

Quite possibly the best spa is the one run by Mother Nature. If you often feel mentally rejuvenated when spending time amid greenery, you could consider weaving such organic materials as timber and stone into your bathroom’s décor.

Natural materials are especially enchanting for their texture, which can add character to a room that would otherwise risk coming across as staid and clinical.

Curvaceous charm

Many parts of the bathroom — especially its shelves and cabinets — can lumber it with a surfeit of sharp angles. However, you can help to soften this harsh effect by adding a few curved fittings where practically possible — with curved mirrors being an excellent case in point.

You are welcome to stack up on curved mirrors from our online store’s product selection — including round and oval mirrors, as well as subtly pebble-shaped mirrors.

You could find that you realise the best aesthetic results for your bathroom by taking inspiration from the above bathroom trends for 2024 — and allowing your imagination to go off on a tangent. Feel free to peruse our website — and the range of bathroom mirrors we can deliver nationwide.

Give your bathroom a modern touch with a custom-designed mirror


Considering how much time you are bound to spend in the bathroom, you could benefit immensely from fitting it out with elements that enhance both its style and functionality. In this spirit, you could seriously consider investing in an illuminated bathroom mirror.

Our website makes it easy for you to peruse a wide range of designs for such mirrors. However, what if none of those designs that you do see seem ‘just right’ for your particular bathroom?

In that case, you could arrange for us to provide you with a made-to-order mirror in a custom design.

Made-to-measure bathroom mirror with RGB colour-change lighting, digital clock and touch sensor controls. /bespoke-gallery

Why might you want a bespoke mirror?

We are proud of the many readymade mirrors we stock for the bathroom. However, we also acknowledge that bathrooms can be just as unique as the people who use them.

So, you shouldn’t be too concerned if, as you cast your eyes over our website’s high-definition photos of these mirrors, you reckon that many of them would clash too much with your bathroom’s existing décor. We would be able to hand-craft you a mirror in line with your aesthetic preferences.

We have equipped bathroom mirrors with a range of clever technological features. For example, some of the mirrors come with demister functionality for removing steam from glass, while others include a 240-volt socket to which electric shavers and toothbrushes can be connected.

Nonetheless, it can be a waste to ask for more from your bathroom mirror than what you currently need. For example, if you routinely recharge your electric shaver in the bedroom and don’t have an electric toothbrush, the above-mentioned socket could just be a superfluous added expense.

Metal framed backlit mirror in a custom shape with integrated touch sensor controls

What criteria would you like your bathroom mirror to meet?

If you have decided that you want an illuminated bathroom mirror, you are already covered with our team. Nonetheless, you might be very particular about what other features your bathroom mirror ought to have. Fortunately, when you turn to us, you are welcome to be fussy!

That’s because when you place an order with us for a bespoke mirror, you can take your pick from many different options in each of the following categories:

  • Size: We can craft you a mirror in any size up to 2.5m x 3.4m. We advise you to opt for dimensions that will leave the fitted mirror looking proportionate to the rest of the room.
  • Style: Would you like your mirror to be lit from the back or along the edges? You might be eager for the mirror to come in a particular colour or a glamorous ‘Hollywood’ design.
  • Special features: We can incorporate IP44 protection into your mirror to make it ‘splash-proof’, as well as engravings of names, patterns, and logos.

We even offer wholesale accounts for interior designers, enabling them to source illuminated bathroom mirrors in bulk at discounted prices. To enquire about any of our products or services, simply give us a ring on 07893 952 606.