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Is the framed or frameless look better for an illuminated bathroom mirror?


An illuminated mirror can help give your bathroom a distinctive aesthetic and atmosphere. Whether you’re trying to give your bathroom a relaxing spa-like feel or looking to create a smart, clean style, illuminated mirrors can add considerable character to your bathroom.

With Illuminated Mirrors, we can create bespoke, made-to-measure mirrors, turning your dream mirror into a reality. 

When you’re designing your perfect illuminated mirror, you have the option of either a framed or frameless look. Both these options offer many possible benefits, so choosing the best option will largely come down to your personal preference.

To help you decide, here are a few of the benefits you can enjoy with both framed and frameless illuminated bathroom mirrors.

Ronja White Frame Slim Edge Mirror

The benefits of framed illuminated mirrors

One of the main benefits of a framed illuminated mirror is the many decoration possibilities it provides.

Mirror frames can be made from a variety of materials, each offering a distinct visual style. This enables you to choose the best option for the kind of look and atmosphere you’re attempting to create.

Another advantage of framed mirrors is the protection they can offer. A robust frame can help make the edges and corners of mirrors less prone to breakage.

With a frame, the edges of a mirror may also be less susceptible to moisture. The presence of a frame on a mirror, then, could help prevent oxidation or de-silvering, which typically starts from a mirror’s edge and spreads slowly.

The benefits of frameless illuminated mirrors

While framed mirrors might offer more opportunities for decoration, they can also take up a lot of space. A large, framed mirror may therefore be difficult to fit into a relatively small bathroom.

A frameless mirror, on the other hand, is often a good option for those who are on the lookout for a stylish mirror that won’t take up too much space.

Frameless mirrors are often more lightweight than their framed counterparts. Furthermore, without a frame, they can be easier to install and clean. While frames can often accumulate dust, frameless mirrors don’t typically need to be cleaned so frequently.

Another benefit of a frameless mirror is that it may be able to show off more of your bathroom than a framed mirror. A frameless mirror shows off more reflective space, making it a perfect option if you have a small bathroom that you want to make look bigger.

Finally, with fewer components, a frameless mirror can be the better option for those who are looking for a relatively minimalistic design.

Valkin Slim (frameless) Backlit Bathroom Mirror

Conclusion: your ideal framed or frameless mirror could soon be a reality

Overall, there are many benefits that can make both framed and frameless illuminated mirrors an attractive option for any bathroom. Ultimately, you will need to determine what your own priorities are when it comes to made-to-measure mirrors, and what implications this might have for whether you choose a framed or frameless mirror.

Framed mirrors come in a variety of materials, which should make it easy to find one that suits the visual style of your bathroom. These mirrors can also be more robust, with the frame protecting the mirror from potential breakage.

Frameless mirrors, on the other hand, can be an excellent option for smaller bathrooms and those who prefer more of a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

Whether you favour the framed or frameless look in a mirror, Illuminated Mirrors offers bespoke, made-to-measure mirrors, so you can be confident of finding the perfect mirror for your bathroom.

To learn more about our process and expertise in relation to made-to-measure mirrors, please contact us.

Why Should Bathroom Lighted Mirrors Be Created On A Bespoke Basis?


When it comes to centrepieces for the bathroom, one could barely hope for something more stunning than an illuminated mirror.

Indeed, such is the importance of bathroom lighted mirrors – not just for their most obvious practical benefits of reflection and illumination, but also for aesthetically “completing” the given bathroom space – one could argue that they should always be made to order.

But why else does requesting a bespoke service for the creation of a bathroom illuminated mirror – such as ours here at Illuminated Mirrors – make so much sense? Below, we set out some classic reasons.

Custom mirror design by Illuminated Mirrors

Having your mirror custom-made offers a huge amount of freedom

Yes, it’s the “obvious” reason to request made-to-order bathroom lighted mirrors – the fact that you won’t be limited in any obvious way when it comes to your mirror’s “look”, all-round design, and feature set.

In practice, of course, there might be some modest restrictions when you turn to us for bathroom lighted mirrors – around 2.5m x 3.4m, for example, is the biggest you can have a single mirror panel. Even if you require a mirror larger than this, though, we can bring together multiple mirror panels in elegant ways to create the remarkable effect you desire in your space.

Otherwise, with the Illuminated Mirrors team, it is largely a case of… if you want it in your mirror, and you can imagine it, get in touch with us! We can talk you through the feasibility elements, to help ensure you really can “dream big” when it comes to bathroom lighted mirrors.

Your mirror. Your way. Reflect your style.

You can incorporate features that you might not have previously considered

It is easy to imagine that there are only so many things a mirror can possibly be. Well, you will likely be forced to think again when it comes to our bespoke service.

All our bathroom lighted mirrors, for example, use CCT LED strip, which allows for both cool and warm lighting to be provided by a single strip.

You can also ensure your next mirror incorporates the Aura underlighting that will infuse your bathroom with a “spa-like” atmosphere, there being no fewer than eight different lighting colours to pick from.

Looking away from the lighting, you might not have previously given much thought to your next bathroom mirror having audio Bluetooth capability to enable it to play your favourite music.

Indeed, with the likes of USB capability, a shaver socket, and IP44 protection also all possible with your next bathroom mirror, it really can be practically everything you want it to be.

Illuminated Mirrors, Made in Britain.

The opportunity to benefit from the best in British craftsmanship

We don’t “order in” our bathroom lighted mirrors from anywhere else – we really do handcraft them ourselves using the finest materials, right here in the UK.

So, it isn’t merely the last word in creative and design freedom, elegance, and sophistication that you can expect from us – we are also the patriotic choice! To learn more about what all of that could mean for your next bathroom mirror, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

On-trend organically shaped pebble mirrors.


This year we are seeing a growing love of beautiful imperfection and refreshing authenticity in bathroom design and styling. Gone are the days of symmetrical spaces with perfectly shaped objects. Instead, we are moving to a place of comfort and injecting a sense of serenity and harmony into the room. This trend is very much inspired by the social directions of mindfulness, quality of life and enhancing the home environment.

Bespoke Illuminated mirror with walnut frame

Embracing the forms seen in the natural world, with many flowing lines and curves, one of the ways in which we see this styling trend taking shape in the bathroom is through pebble shaped, organic looking mirrors.

By their very function, bathrooms can sometimes appear a little sterile, so organic-shaped mirrors help create a striking focal point, and bring an understated and elegant, free-flowing asymmetrical design quality to the interior.

How to style with an organic shaped mirror:

Before embarking on any bathroom styling project, it is important to think about the bathroom interior design holistically, as there are many pebble shaped mirrors options, all providing a slightly different aesthetic. It is therefore a good idea to consider how you want your bathroom identity to look, before investing in a pebble style mirror.

Stripped back simplicity:

Frameless organic shaped mirrors softly finish off a pared back, effortless Scandinavian, or Minimalist bathroom. Combine with simple fixtures and fittings, clean lines, and subtle colour palettes. This look is unfussy, simple, and structured with a soft elegance and knowingly understated style. Less is more here, both in terms of colour and design.

Sculptural and stylish:

Acrylic edge-lit pebble mirror

Pebble shaped mirrors with acrylic edges offer a contemporary style which provides a sculptural, modern, and minimal style. They can be paired perfectly with sleek materials such as granite and marble and help create a break in the straight lines of the rest of the bathroom. Combine natural materials with high end finishes to complete the look. – Think polished concrete, floor to ceiling marble, and dark, statement furniture.

Introduce a pop of colour through the mirror frame edge, and thread the same hue through the rest of the room. – Be sure to repeat it at least three times within the bathroom to help balance and subliminally tie everything together visually for a harmonious design.

Go Boho

Mirrors with natural, timber edged frames work well for a warmer, bohemian styled bathroom. Pair with other nature inspired elements such as stoneware or bamboo for a tranquil scheme. Add an earthy colour palette of Olive green, Terracotta and Clay for a Bohemian vibe, or stick to calming off-whites and Greige for a Japandi theme. This trend works particularly well for eco-friendly or sustainable styling in bathrooms

Enhance with elegance:

Frosted edge-lit pebble mirror

Organic bathroom mirrors with frosted edging add a little sense of luxury to a naturally styled bathroom. They subtly finish off the mirror to create a refined frame that doesn’t draw attention too strongly and instead finishes off the room with elegance.

Having an illuminated frosted edge also makes a great contemporary alternative to heavier, metal frames.

Top tips for styling bathrooms with organic shaped mirrors:

  • Avoid combining this mirror type with harsh geometric prints, in favour of natural, organic shapes. Think about natural elements; the irregularity of mountains, rivers and seascapes and be inspired by these. Geometrics with hard lines are unlikely to sit well with a pebble shape. Instead, pair the soft, flowing lines of the mirror with accessories that have the same design principles such as asymmetrical, wavy curves. This will help coordinate the scheme and pull it all together.
  • Enhance the feeling of nature by hanging the organic styled mirror opposite a window to reflect the outside back into the room. Seeing greenery from the outdoors will highlight the natural elements in the room and help elevate well-being too. Mirrors are also a great way to bounce and reflect daylight back into the bathroom, too which can really help brighten the space.
  • Pair an irregular edged mirror with rounded or oval shaped basin and rounded taps. Friendly, soft, and understated design with rounded corners will tie the whole interior style together. Just one or two angled or hard lined objects are enough to cause a discord within an interior scheme, so favour softer lines to match your organic scheme.
  • Select mirrors with lighting already built in to draw attention and really add impact to a wall, as well as offering a practical lighting solution, too.
  • For a sleek and understated appeal, select a subtle, slimline mirror to finish off the bathroom.

Should I buy a bathroom mirror or bathroom mirror cabinet?


A bathroom mirror does so much more than just reflect, it helps brighten an interior and breathes style and sophistication into spaces too.

If you have wall space above your wash basin or vanity unit, the chances are that you are considering either a mirror or a mirrored cabinet to complete the fresh look. Since both mirrors and cabinets compete for the same wall space, the question of which to select comes up fairly frequently when it comes to designing a bathroom interior.

Acrylic 360 edge-lit bathroom mirror
Bathroom Mirror Cabinet with LED dot formation lighting

Whilst there are several obvious benefits to both options, we have pulled together some factors to consider when it comes to deciding whether to go for a mirror or mirrored cabinet, to help aid your own decision-making process.

  • How big is the bathroom?

Firstly, consider the room size. It may seem obvious, but smaller rooms more frequently require smaller mirrors or units, and for smaller bathrooms and en suites, often a slimline mirror is best suited to the space. Slimline mirrors provide bathrooms with a sleek and fluid look, which translates into both modern and traditional schemes, dependent upon the styling. Be sure to research slimline mirrors that offer other functionalities if this is high on your list of priorities.

Slimline bathroom mirror with a bevelled edge

For larger bathrooms, alternatively, mirrored bathroom cabinets offer the versatility of providing ample storage space to help keep spaces clutter-free and clean. For bathrooms with double basins, selecting two cabinets or mirrors will create symmetry and visual balance in the room.

  • Where will the mirror or cabinet be hung?

The wall on which the cabinet or mirror will be hung, needs to be big enough, and for cabinets, there should be ample space either side of the doors to avoid collisions with other items. For example, it is best to avoid positioning cabinets in the corners of rooms to enable the doors to fully open.

You may also want to consider that cabinets and basins are often located opposite a bathroom door. This helps to avoid the side of a cabinet being the most prominent feature in a room, which can often feel barrier-like from an interior aesthetics perspective.

When it comes to selecting the size of the cabinet or mirror, take note of furniture proportions within the room. As a rule of thumb, the mirror or cabinet shouldn’t be wider than the piece of furniture or basin that it sits above, to help create a streamlined aesthetic. Note that any misalignment will be more noticeable with straight edged mirrors and cabinets, so lining up with either the basin or vanity unit below, is key to a pulled together design.

Bespoke mirrors that are made to order based on your own space requirements and exacting dimensions, are great for trickier spaces, such as bathrooms within the attic eaves.

  • Do you require storage?

It’s important to prioritise whichever option works best from a practical perspective. For example, consider whether you need the mirror to be multifunctional or simply just a mirror?

If storage is high up in terms of importance, it may be worth looking at cabinets with shelves for storage of toiletries and accessories, to keep other surfaces clutter-free.

Bathroom mirror cabinets can give your bathroom much needed additional storage.

Once you have established whether you’re in need of storage, plan the items that will be housed in the cabinet, so that you have an idea of height requirements for your shelving. The ability to move shelving up and down is often overlooked, yet adjustable shelves enable you to tailor and flex your storage to your own requirements.

  • Multifunctional mirrors and cabinets

Before deciding, consider whether you need any other functions for example, shaver sockets, audio, or digital clocks. All equally handy features to have permanently in the bathroom without having to bring in extra elements that may become water damaged, such as mobile phones and external speakers.

Bathroom cabinets with heated demisting doors that never steam-up

Consider cabinets with built in demisters – this is especially helpful in shower rooms with no or small windows – it can be frustrating having to constantly wipe misted-up mirrors!

  • Add a little glow up

Many mirrors and cabinets come with lights pre-built in, which can be useful when it comes to seeing detail.

Keep in mind any mood lighting that you would like. Colour changing lights can create a bold design with a little spa-like luxury, with ambient lighting helping create can provide a calm and serene space.

Opting for a light that runs all around the edge of the cabinet or mirror will help frame it, and projects a balanced glow around the room.

Dot style mirrors create a more subtle glow, whilst bar lighting helps create a stronger illumination in one area.

If considering a cabinet, look for those with lights underneath to project an ambient soft light. This will help brighten any darkness created by the bottom of the cupboards and the countertop.

  • Materials matter

When researching your new bathroom cabinet or mirror, ensure to check the materials from which it is made. High-grade aluminium offers enhanced quality and won’t ever rust – pretty important in a bathroom!

  • Plan your overall styling aesthetic

Are you more interested in modern and minimal or do you quite like stylish, statement pieces? If you prefer a simpler look and feel for example, mirrors will provide a more sleek and seamless result whereas a cabinet will make more of a statement as it protrudes further into the room.

Mirrors can easily be tied into an interior scheme and furniture styling. For example, for a natural, more effortless look, select organic shapes with soft edges such as rounded or pebble shaped mirrors. For rooms that are more symmetrical, or that are designed around harder lines, straight edged mirrors are likely to work better stylistically.

If you are still wondering which option would be best for your own home, here is a little round up of the advantages of both:

Final Conclusions…

Why we love bathroom mirrors:

  • They don’t intrude into the room and only use up a small amount of wall space as there isn’t much depth to them (consider slimline options for more compact bathrooms).
  • There are a wide variety of mirror sizes and shapes available, so they can effortlessly tie into an existing interior scheme.
  • Mirrors can make smaller rooms appear bigger by reflecting light around the room.
  • They can draw attention to a specific space and create a focal point in boxy rooms, particularly when selecting shaped mirrors.

Why we love cabinets:

  • Mirrored bathroom cabinets are handy for rooms that lack storage and can hide away all the clutter that we don’t want anyone else to see, offering a clean and sleek appearance.
  • They visually help balance a row of bathroom furniture underneath, creating a symmetrical room.
  • You can tie the cabinet finish in with the materials in the rest of the room to make a cohesive interior scheme.
  • They provide the best of both worlds, without compromise, reflection, and storage!

Choosing the Perfect Mirror for Your Bathroom


We’re now almost two months into the new year and if you haven’t refurbed your bathroom we know you’re probably thinking about it. So what better way to add that little extra sparkle than with an Illuminated Mirror? From Ultra-Slim to Bluetooth, Glow to Hollywood we have a wide range of bathroom mirrors and cabinets to provide that finishing touch and make your bathroom sparkle.
perfect mirror for your bathroom