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Skincare & Makeup products you need to start using, now!



Our recent post on ethical beauty brands got us thinking about the best products in the beauty industry at the moment, from eyeshadow to eye creams, we’ve rounded up the products that most definitely need to make an appearance on your dressing table. With such a large range of products available on the market, it’s a constant struggle to decipher which products actually work miracles and which just have really good marketing departments! More

How to keep your Summer tan for longer


We are nearing the end of the Summer months, with only two months to go before Autumn is upon us and a wild array of warm colours explode onto our streets. You may be lucky and retain your colour for a respectable amount of time, or, even better, you may have a late Summer holiday booked to ease you into your Autumn woes. More

The best ethical beauty brands on the market



In recent years the beauty and skincare market has boomed with the arrival of both ethical and vegan brands. Some, have been on the market for decades, with their message of being both ethical/vegan seen as just a side note, however, with people caring far more about where their products are coming from these days, it’s imperative to many consumers to only invest in a beauty brand that considers the environment, the correct practice of testing and far more natural ingredients. More