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4 Benefits Of Having A Backlit Mirror In Your Bathroom.


A mirror can obviously serve as a crucial part of your bathroom, allowing you to clearly see what you are doing as you fulfil morning responsibilities such as applying makeup or shaving.

Still, you might not have considered sourcing a backlit mirror… at least until now. This type of mirror comes with LED lighting tubes attached to its back.

By switching on this lighting, you can give your mirror a subtly illuminated outline — but there are also quite a few other excellent reasons to buy a backlit mirror.

No shadows

Would it not suffice if you simply settled for a standard mirror and relied on lighting from overhead electrical fixtures in your bathroom, along with sunshine through a nearby window?

Yes, perhaps. However, these alternative forms of lighting can cast shadows on parts of your face that you need to see clearly as you look in your mirror.

It may be reassuring to you, then, that backlights can highlight your entire face, sparing you from having to keep turning your head at awkward angles just to see everything.

More space

Another potential problem with lights that hang directly over a mirror is that they can take up valuable space in the bathroom — especially if they are affixed to a low ceiling.

The bathrooms in new-build homes tend to be smaller than those in properties constructed many decades ago. So, you might especially appreciate having lights tastefully tucked away behind your mirror, rather than in full view and potentially blighting your room’s overall “vibe” as a result.

Energy savings

We should all be treating sustainability as a major priority these days, so it’s heartening that a backlit mirror can make this job easier for you.

That’s because these mirrors include LED lights, which consume far less electricity than the incandescent lights still commonplace in conventional lighting fixtures for the bathroom.

How much less? Well, while incandescent lightbulbs last around 1,200 hours before needing to be replaced, the approximate lifespan of LED lighting is a mammoth 40,000 hours.

This vast improvement in energy efficiency enables you to save on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Extra features

We build Dual White Lighting technology into all of the backlit mirrors we manufacture for our customers, who can consequently use a rocker switch on the mirror’s frame to toggle between “cool” and “warm” lighting.

Meanwhile, using a socket on the frame’s bottom-right edge, you will be able to charge your electric shaver or toothbrush with ease.

Of course, you will also want a mirror that looks “just right” — rather than like an ill-fitting add-on — in your bathroom. This is why we offer backlit mirrors in not only square and rectangular forms but also rather less orthodox circular, oval, and capsule shapes.

Exploring The Variety of Backlit Mirrors

To truly personalise your bathroom and match your unique style choices, there is a varied range of backlit mirrors to choose from.

Each of these has its benefits, allowing you to select a backlit mirror that matches your needs from an aesthetic point-of-view, but also from a practical perspective as well.

Standard Backlit Mirrors: The classic choice, offering a sleek and straightforward design that provides ample light without overshadowing the room’s aesthetic.

Framed Backlit Mirrors: These mirrors come with an added frame, blending functionality with decorative appeal to complement your bathroom’s décor.

Arch Mirrors: Featuring a distinctive arch shape, these mirrors add an elegant touch to any bathroom, making a statement while providing the benefits of backlighting.

Pebble Mirrors: With their unique pebble shape, these mirrors are perfect for adding a modern twist and visual interest to your bathroom.

Custom Shapes and Styles: For those with specific design needs, our range extends to less orthodox shapes like circular, oval, and capsule, allowing for a truly personalised space.

If you are unsure what you are looking for though, have a look at our full range of backlit mirrors and Backlit Buyers Guide before you start to narrow down your style preferences.

You can take your pick from these options when you place an online order for a backlit mirror with Illuminated Mirrors. We can deliver either a readymade or custom-made mirror to your UK home; please peruse our website and phone our team on 07893 952 606 to learn more about the specifics.

How can we help interior designers breathe new life into bathrooms?


If you work as an interior designer, you will already know how important it is that you select just the right features for just the right areas of a given room you have been tasked with overhauling.

If that room on your current project happens to be a bathroom, you should be careful what mirror you choose for it. Far from merely a practical feature, this mirror can reflect natural light entering the bathroom — and consequently make this space look larger and brighter.

These positive visual effects can be amplified with a lit bathroom mirror, as it would add to the amount of light that can be bounced around the room. It would also bode well for you to go with a mirror specially designed for the specific bathroom where it will be fitted.

Walk-in Wardrobe Backlit Mirror – Rochelle Humes

Will the bathroom be getting refurbished or instead renovated?

Maybe your client wants to increase their property’s market value or update the bathroom’s look? You would be able to tick either box by refurbishing the space. This work can involve replacing the existing mirror with a newer piece closer in line with modern sensibilities.

Alternatively, the bathroom could be in a major state of disrepair. For example, perhaps the mirror’s glass has been cracked or even shattered?

In situations like those, you could help the client to select entirely new fixtures that would replace the existing damaged ones as part of renovation work. Naturally, this would be a great opportunity for the client to shake up the bathroom’s overall aesthetic rather than just restore functionality.

Custom edge-lit mirror with ornate black decorative frame

Why order bathroom mirrors in bespoke designs?

As an interior designer, you need to take both cosmetic and practical concerns into account. However, many bathroom features already available to buy readymade might not meet enough of the criteria that are important to the client.

Hence, the client may favour opting for custom-designed pieces instead. On your request, we can design and make bespoke mirrors that would fit straight into the client’s bathroom both physically and aesthetically.

Before you do ask us to provide you with any bespoke pieces, though, you will need to hold a consultation with your client. This will enable you to inform them of the options when it comes to size and shape, as well as what features can be included.

Introducing our prestigious Diamond X Bespoke service

With this service for trade customers such as interior designers and interior design studios, we are handed a carefully tailored brief and then work in line with its specifications.

For example, at our Wiltshire factory, we can handcraft you a lit bathroom mirror in a size proportionate to the space where the piece is set to be installed. For that mirror, you can also choose from various lighting styles — including LED dot patterns and 360 illuminated edges.

Are you keen to ask us any as-yet-unanswered questions about how our Diamond X Bespoke mirror service works? If so, you can reach out to us by ringing 07893 952 606 or by emailing [email protected].