Monthly Archives: October 2017

FENTY strikes again: The Holiday Collection


Photo @fentybeauty

Just last month, we wrote about our sheer excitement and appreciation for the launch of FENTY BEAUTY, an inclusive makeup range that caters for all women, including providing a plethora of shades not normally available to women of colour. So, it came as a huge surprise, when merely a week later, the Holiday collection was announced to launch in October; keeping us well and truly engaged with the brand and eager to get our hands on this shiny new set of makeup magnificence. More

Glossier has finally landed in the UK.


You may or may not heard of Glossier, a simple, authentic US beauty brand. Today, after much anticipation from our little island, it launches in the UK. This insatiable range of goodies cover the basics of skin care and all necessary products that create the perfect makeup kit. More