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Bathroom Cabinet Essentials


Bathroom cabinets are usually a haven of goodies from teeth whitening strips to tweezers, it’s a very well-known practice for many to have a quick snoop through a friend’s cabinet when using their facilities and often, there is the shock and horror of the lack of products that some people have in their bathrooms.


New year, new bathroom


A new year means an inevitable update of one element in your life. You could go for the age-old, new year, new me trend or you could opt for something much more fulfilling and permanent… new year, new bathroom? More

2017: The resolutions to keep.


January; the month of promises, resolutions and all things fitness. Every year, we vow to change the way we live, eat and exercise. For some of us, these resolutions become our new lifestyle, making a genuinely positive change in your life. However, for the majority of us, they become a distant memory as soon as February comes. More