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5 Features You Could Have Incorporated Into Your Next Bathroom Mirror


A bathroom mirror doesn’t have to be a basic and merely “utilitarian” item – it can “reflect” the highest aspirations you have for your interior space, in more ways than one.

For a demonstration of what we mean, you might consider some of the features we can build into an LED mirror that we hand-craft for you. Whether you are a homeowner carrying out bathroom remodelling, or a trade customer, you will hopefully be inspired by these possibilities.

CCT LEDs give you the flexibility to switch between cool and warm lighting options.

CCT LED lighting

Did you know that all our mirrors now use CCT LED strip? This enables you to achieve cool and warm lighting on a single strip, as opposed to the previous situation with our backlit mirrors, where we had to ask customers to select either warm or cool lighting.

So, at any one time, you can take advantage of the more flattering warm light (which is great for selfies), or the more practical cool light, which gives truer colour in the reflection. The latter is perfect for the application of makeup, as what you see in your reflection in the cool light will be what others see when they “check out your look” in the street.

Rigel Shaver Edge Mirror
Bathroom mirrors with integrated shaver socket

A shaver socket

Achieving an immaculate shave will be important to you in a wide range of scenarios – whether you’re looking to make the best possible impression at that job interview, or getting yourself more than presentable for your son or daughter’s wedding.

Yes, an LED mirror from us can incorporate a discreet shaver socket for your utmost convenience.

Ambient K36s Shaver
Aura ambient underlighting/downlighting

Aura underlighting

It is a feature that you might not give a great amount of thought to including in your next bathroom mirror, until you realise just how profoundly such ambient illumination can infuse this part of your home with atmosphere.

With Illuminated Mirrors, you get eight different lighting colours to choose from. This enables you to bring to your bathroom the same pleasing vibe from the “mood lighting” you might already have installed elsewhere in your house, cultivating a sophisticated, “spa-like” environment.

Leon Audio Shaver
Play your favourite playlist directly through your mirror or cabinet

Audio Bluetooth capability

Once upon a time, if someone had suggested to you that your bathroom mirror could play your favourite music while you enjoy an evening soak, or even play an audiobook, you might have thought that person was referring to something they’d seen in The Jetsons.

Times change, of course; the next LED mirror you invest in for your bathroom could easily give you such multisensory experiences via a Bluetooth-connected device.

Creative engraving

You might have a vague familiarity with crude engraving, but we aren’t referring to that here; we’re talking about high-tech laser engraving.

Nothing less than the very best, most accurate finish is acceptable when it comes to etching a pattern onto the glass of an LED mirror for our latest customer. We can even incorporate optional coloured backlighting to maximise the visual impact of your bathroom mirror’s engraved design.

If any of the potential bathroom mirror features outlined above have got you thinking about how we could realise the perfect LED mirror for you, now might be the time to email the Illuminated Mirrors team to begin the discussion. You can also call us on 07893 952 606.

Tips If You Are Looking To Upgrade Your Bathroom’s Electrics


As the familiar saying goes, water and electricity don’t mix. This is why, when you want to switch the main light in a bathroom on or off, you would typically do so by pulling a cord rather than pressing a standard switch.

However, what if some of your bathroom’s electrics need upgrading? Perhaps an electrician has advised you that an electric shower you have long had in the space should be replaced, or you want to add a light-up bathroom mirror?

Here are some tips that can help you to avoid nasty shocks — of the electric kind or otherwise.

Keep an eye out for IP (Ingress Protection) ratings

Of course, before adding any electrical fittings to your bathroom, you need to decide exactly what those fittings should be. Any that you do choose should come with what is known as an IP rating. The initialism stands for “Ingress Protection” and, in the rating, is followed by two numbers.

These numbers refer to how effectively the product guards against the ingress of solid particles and moisture, respectively. The higher the number, the lower the chance of ingress.

For example, a product rated “IP44” has been scored “4” for its protection against both types of ingress. The score itself means that the product won’t be penetrated by either particles up to 1mm in size, or water resulting from splashes — which you can obviously get a lot of in a bathroom!

Be careful where sockets are installed

Yes, electrical sockets are legally permitted in bathrooms. However, those power outlets must be placed over three metres away from the edge of the nearest bath or shower.

There is an exception to this strict rule when it comes to having a shaver charging point in the bathroom. However, this socket would still need to be far away enough from the bath or shower to be safe from water splashes.

So, if you do want to be able to regularly recharge your shaver while in the bathroom, you might be confused about exactly where the socket could go without coming across as unsightly.

One thing that you could do is order a light-up bathroom mirror from our team here at Illuminated Mirrors. Why? We would be able to create that mirror in a custom design for you.

There are many different flourishes and features you could choose from for your mirror. For a start, you have free rein over the mirror’s size and shape. Especially crucially, you could have an electric shaver socket built into the mirror as well.

This socket will be sited on the bottom-right edge of the mirror’s frame, which will make it easily accessible — no small boon when you are in a rush to get ready in the morning.

We are happy to report that we can deliver backlit bathroom mirrors to addresses across the UK. To find out more about the custom-built mirrors we offer, please contact us today [email protected].

4 Benefits Of Having A Backlit Mirror In Your Bathroom.


A mirror can obviously serve as a crucial part of your bathroom, allowing you to clearly see what you are doing as you fulfil morning responsibilities such as applying makeup or shaving.

Still, you might not have considered sourcing a backlit mirror… at least until now. This type of mirror comes with LED lighting tubes attached to its back.

By switching on this lighting, you can give your mirror a subtly illuminated outline — but there are also quite a few other excellent reasons to buy a backlit mirror.

No shadows

Would it not suffice if you simply settled for a standard mirror and relied on lighting from overhead electrical fixtures in your bathroom, along with sunshine through a nearby window?

Yes, perhaps. However, these alternative forms of lighting can cast shadows on parts of your face that you need to see clearly as you look in your mirror.

It may be reassuring to you, then, that backlights can highlight your entire face, sparing you from having to keep turning your head at awkward angles just to see everything.

More space

Another potential problem with lights that hang directly over a mirror is that they can take up valuable space in the bathroom — especially if they are affixed to a low ceiling.

The bathrooms in new-build homes tend to be smaller than those in properties constructed many decades ago. So, you might especially appreciate having lights tastefully tucked away behind your mirror, rather than in full view and potentially blighting your room’s overall “vibe” as a result.

Energy savings

We should all be treating sustainability as a major priority these days, so it’s heartening that a backlit mirror can make this job easier for you.

That’s because these mirrors include LED lights, which consume far less electricity than the incandescent lights still commonplace in conventional lighting fixtures for the bathroom.

How much less? Well, while incandescent lightbulbs last around 1,200 hours before needing to be replaced, the approximate lifespan of LED lighting is a mammoth 40,000 hours.

This vast improvement in energy efficiency enables you to save on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Extra features

We build Dual White Lighting technology into all of the backlit mirrors we manufacture for our customers, who can consequently use a rocker switch on the mirror’s frame to toggle between “cool” and “warm” lighting.

Meanwhile, using a socket on the frame’s bottom-right edge, you will be able to charge your electric shaver or toothbrush with ease.

Of course, you will also want a mirror that looks “just right” — rather than like an ill-fitting add-on — in your bathroom. This is why we offer backlit mirrors in not only square and rectangular forms but also rather less orthodox circular, oval, and capsule shapes.

Exploring The Variety of Backlit Mirrors

To truly personalise your bathroom and match your unique style choices, there is a varied range of backlit mirrors to choose from.

Each of these has its benefits, allowing you to select a backlit mirror that matches your needs from an aesthetic point-of-view, but also from a practical perspective as well.

Standard Backlit Mirrors: The classic choice, offering a sleek and straightforward design that provides ample light without overshadowing the room’s aesthetic.

Framed Backlit Mirrors: These mirrors come with an added frame, blending functionality with decorative appeal to complement your bathroom’s décor.

Arch Mirrors: Featuring a distinctive arch shape, these mirrors add an elegant touch to any bathroom, making a statement while providing the benefits of backlighting.

Pebble Mirrors: With their unique pebble shape, these mirrors are perfect for adding a modern twist and visual interest to your bathroom.

Custom Shapes and Styles: For those with specific design needs, our range extends to less orthodox shapes like circular, oval, and capsule, allowing for a truly personalised space.

If you are unsure what you are looking for though, have a look at our full range of backlit mirrors and Backlit Buyers Guide before you start to narrow down your style preferences.

You can take your pick from these options when you place an online order for a backlit mirror with Illuminated Mirrors. We can deliver either a readymade or custom-made mirror to your UK home; please peruse our website and phone our team on 07893 952 606 to learn more about the specifics.

Let there be lighting!


Choosing the lighting for a bathroom is a big decision which requires a little foresight and planning. From aesthetics and style to functionality and safety, there are a number of factors to consider when selecting bathroom lighting that delivers both practically as well as visually.

One of the main aspects to consider, is bathroom lighting safety, which is of paramount importance, and why it is always recommended that a trained electrician installs any new bathroom lighting. There are a number of regulations to adhere to, including IP rating, which measures the likelihood of steam or water accessing the light fitting, placements of fixtures within the different zones of bathrooms, and the general suitability of lighting fixtures and fittings for bathrooms.

Bathrooms are predominantly bathing spaces… So why is good bathroom lighting such an important aspect of the design?

Often in smaller rooms, or if the bathroom is in the middle of the home, there may very little, and sometimes even no source of natural light. In this scenario bathroom lighting will often be selected as a substitute for natural light. This means that it needs to do more than simply brighten the room, and so several light sources are likely needed to cover various tasks and functions.

Bathrooms are where we do a lot of preparation for the day – from makeup to shaving, to hair, we need to be able to see clear detail (and often on a microscopic level!) Decent lighting will make these jobs a lot easier to do!

From an interior design perspective, better bathroom lighting can immediately transform a space, and it also helps draw attention to certain aspects of a room.

You can save on the cost of energy by investing in decent lighting solutions. By selecting energy efficient lighting such as LED’s, you will use less power consumption which means that the lights will last a lot longer, prolonging their use as well as protecting your wallet a little in the process.

Bathroom dimmer switches are also an energy efficient option, as even on their brightest setting they use significantly less electricity than a standard light switch. As well as adding a subtle ambient glow, dimmers can also help with the adjustment of your eyes between darkness and light – a gentle way to ease into those dark winter mornings!

So now we’re fully versed in what is so amazing about great bathroom lighting, what are the different types, and why do we need them?

If you have begun your research into bathroom lighting, you may have noticed that there are a broad range of different types on the market. The key thing to note is to use lighting to layer and highlight different zones of the room, enhancing experience and functionality of those areas dependent upon their usage.

  • Recessed spotlights

Spotlights sit within the ceiling so that the lightbulb is flush with the ceiling surface. By positioning spotlights equally throughout the bathroom, you can ensure that the room is evenly lit for general lighting use. They’re a great option for smaller spaces, since they don’t encroach into the bathroom itself at all.

  • Short bathroom ceiling lights

If space is not an issue, ceiling lights make great alternatives to recessed spots. Choose a short ceiling light that sits up to and over the ceiling fitting to light the bathroom as a whole.

  • Bathroom ceiling chandeliers

Used to enhance a space visually and add a little luxurious elegance, a chandelier is a great option for adding a show-stopping statement to larger bathrooms.

Top tip >> Before hanging chandeliers, ensure that you check the weight and bathroom suitability first.

  • Bathroom wall lights

Often positioned to frame the sides of a mirror, wall lights are frequently selected for their decorative qualities as well as for their functionality. Usually chosen to add a soft glow to a room, they’re an ambient addition that has the additional use of helping brighten the space.

Top tip >> Since many bathrooms are tiled, the installation of wall lighting fixtures and fittings always needs to be planned intricately as selecting the wrong position can have costly implications.

  • Bathroom mirror lights

Used to enhance and illuminate a bathroom mirror, bathroom mirror lights can usually be found around the edge of the mirror frame. Depending upon the design, the lights are positioned to the sides, top or bottom of the mirror and can emit anything from a soft glow to stronger lighting appropriate for such tasks as the application of makeup and shaving. Whilst not designed to be the primary or sole light-source of a bathroom, they do provide optimal lighting for beauty regimes.

Top tip >> Consider how bright you need your lighting to be. For example, do you require strong, focussed light directed to one specific area, or perhaps it’s more of an overall glow to enhance the whole room? Brightness is measured in Lumens, so it is a good idea to take the time to check and compare the Lumens across different LED lights.

Once you have established the type of lighting that you would like for your bathroom, another key consideration is the temperature of light.

By temperature we mean how ‘cool’ (blue toned) or ‘warm’ (yellow toned) a light is, which is measured in Kelvins (K).

Generally speaking, a warmer light (around 3000 Kelvins) will emit a gentle, more flattering and even glow – ideal for photographs and for assessing how you may look in an environment with softer light. Cooler, more natural lighting (around 5000 Kelvins) provides a more intense, harsher light, and is therefore more suitable for tasks such as makeup application as it provides a true reflection of detail and colour.

So, which is better?

The temperature of the light is therefore an important decision to make when it comes to installing lighting. Ideally, if you are looking for both task lighting in the bathroom and would also like the ability to be able to see how you would look in varying lighting environments, then it may be worth considering illuminated mirrors that have the benefit of being able to switch between different lighting temperatures.

The best of both …

All our UK manufactured mirrors use CCT (corrective colour temperature) LED lighting, which enables the user to flip between 3000K and 5000K, meaning that you can quickly see your reflection in different lighting scenarios and feel better prepared for your day (or night) ahead.

Colour corrective temperature lighting also means that you can mimic the natural light of a day, by setting it to 5000K for the cooler light of a morning (an ideal setting to gradually wake you up for a morning shower!) and you can then change it to 3000K to appear warmer for the evenings – ideal to create a calming atmosphere for bedtime. This can be especially helpful in supporting and enhancing circadian rhythms, and for helping children with night time routines too.

Design your bathroom lighting to coordinate with your interior.

Lighting a bathroom needn’t only be about the technical aspects of design. There are also ways to add more colour to an interior, solely with clever lighting. If you are looking to add pops of colour as well as better lighting, then it is worth considering colour changing LED lights.

Ultra-versatile dual white LED lights, coupled with our Spa Mode lighting can instantly and dramatically change the look of the interior simply with the flick of a switch. Used within many of our mirrors, you can quickly and easily control the light colour of a room and therefore the mood and aura too.

For example, if your bathroom is all white, you can inject colourful yellow and orange lights to add warmth and a welcoming feel for visitors.

Calming blues and greens can add a spa-like sanctuary feel, perfect for relaxing baths and R&R.

To find out more about lighting options within our mirrors, take a look at the collection here

Top 5 tops for making a smaller bathroom look bigger


When it comes to beautiful bathrooms, many of us imagine owning dreamy, spacious bathrooms with plenty of room for a freestanding tub, double shower, and statement basins, not to mention oodles of storage. But let’s face it, often space in the bathroom is at a premium, so it’s always worth having a few tricks up our sleeve when it comes to making this room look and feel bigger.

From the use of colour and texture, through to materials and lighting, there are many clever and considered ways to enhance the amount of perceived space in your bathroom.

Have a read through our top 5 tips to take your bathroom from compact to capacious with just a few simple styling hacks.

  1. Clear the clutter

By their very nature, bathrooms tend to attract a build-up of items, from toothbrushes and makeup, through to bath toys and medicine. But we can’t very well magic all these must-haves away, so the solution is rather in the choices we make for clever storage instead.

If you have established that good storage is a priority for you, yet you are trying to make your compact bathroom or en suite appear bigger than it is, then choose closed cupboards rather than open shelving. Solid cupboard doors can not only hide away all the stuff that you don’t want your guests to see, but they can also help maintain the flow of the space, therefore making the room appear larger than it really is. Choose flat faced, or simple cupboard doors that tie into the wall colour for a seamless look.

Another option for smart storage that won’t add to the visual clutter, are shelves that house baskets or totes. The key to keeping it neat and tidy is in consistency, so ensure that all the baskets are uniform in shape and size for a clean look. A huge benefit of open shelving is that you can make use of the wall space if floor space is at a premium.

Top tip: paint the shelving the colour of the walls and select storage tubs that are the same tone too so that it all blends into the room.

Mirrored bathroom cabinets are a multifunctional way to maximise space, cover all the clutter and enhance the size of the room. They often also have moveable shelves internally, which means that you can flex the space according to your requirements. The mirrored doors will not only reflect what is in front of them but also bounce more light around the

room, making the space feel brighter and bigger.

When it comes to furniture, anything which sits off the floor helps make a room look lighter and airier, and therefore bigger. Choose floating (wall mounted) vanity units or cupboards with slim, exposed legs so that you can see a gap between the bottom of the unit and the floor to give the impression of more room.

  • Create clarity and space with colour

One of the most instant and transformative ways of making a small bathroom appear bigger, is through the way in which colour is used. There are several different tricks that can be deployed, depending upon the desired outcome and personal tastes. Here are several techniques to enlarge a bathroom with colour:

Monochromatic magic

Select one colour, and create a monochromatic scheme by choosing tiles, paint, cupboard doors and accessories all in the same hue.

Colour drenching in this way will envelope the room in one colour, creating more of an elegant, uniform look which will make the bathroom look bigger than schemes with multiple colours that are likely to draw the eye to detail.

 Top tip: When tiling, choose grout in the same colour as the tiles to create more of a seamless look and feel.

Perfectly pastel:

Avoid dark and highly saturated colours in small bathrooms, as these will give a sense of cosiness and intimacy, closing the space in. The objective is to try and bounce as much light around the room as possible, with a light and airy finish, so pastel palettes and lighter colours are very much your best friend here.

White on white:

For a timeless, simple look, decorating with white on white in a bathroom helps create a flowing look, as any white tiles and accessories will immediately blend in with the ceramicware of the WC and basin. – But white needn’t mean boring. – Pull in character and interest with different textures and shapes, for example white waffle towels, or hexagonal shaped tiles.

  • Makeover with more mirror

A statement mirror above a vanity unit will do more than just reflect what is in front of it, it will also work to bounce light around the room, increasing the brightness and therefore the perceived size of the space.

Here are a few rules of thumb when it comes to selecting a bathroom mirror with the objective of making the room look bigger:

  • Choose a mirror that ties into the rest of your scheme. For example, if the theme is lots of flowing lines, go for mirrors with irregular or rounded edges. A more cohesive looking scheme will immediately make a room look larger
  • Select the largest mirror that your wall space will allow. The more space there is on which to bounce light, the better
  • Consider smaller vanity mirrors to enhance dark corners on washstands and vanity units
  • Be strategic about where to hang the mirror and be cautious about what you are reflecting – Remove any clutter that a mirror might reflect, as this will add un-needed detail and fussiness to the room. Reflecting windows, blank walls or tiled walls is best for bouncing light and making a room look bigger.
  • Layer your lighting

Good lighting sources are so important in a bathroom for activities such as shaving or makeup application, where often there isn’t much natural light available.

Luckily, there are some clever lighting tricks that you can try to help brighten the space and make it appear bigger than it really is.

Consider the different types of lighting that you require and add them in at various locations around the bathroom.

  • 1 – Task lighting. This type of lighting can often be tied into the edges of contemporary mirrors and cabinets and is particularly handy for activities requiring detail, such as shaving or applying makeup.
  • 2 – General lighting. Recessed spotlights, usually in the ceiling, are physically unobtrusive and will light the room well all around from a general perspective.
  • 3 – Ambient lighting. We can enhance a space with mood lighting such as with wall sconces (usually positioned either side of a mirror), or down lighting from feature pendants.

5.  Less is more

To make a smaller bathroom appear bigger, it is best to avoid too much of anything. Clean lines and simple styling will have a significant impact on perceived space.

Too much detail in a room can draw the eye and add fussiness and visual noise to a room, so large expanses of plain solid materials or tiles can really help open the room up. To enhance a bathroom size visually, avoid the use of intricate patterns.

That said, if you do like a little boldness when it comes to interior styling, subtle stripes can assist in make a room appear bigger, and particularly verticals with the impression of adding more height to a room. You could try this as full-length window voiles, ridged tiles or even experiment with some striped towels hanging neatly on a ladder.

Keep the flooring free from rugs and mats, as these all add more visual clutter to a space and will enclose the room.

Remove visual barriers within the room by switching out shower curtains for transparent glass screens, allowing the room to feel larger.

In small en suites or cloakrooms, it may pay off to consider smaller functional options such as triangular corner showers, corner basins and wall hung WC’s to make the most of the surrounding space that you do have.

Build your bathroom design around the practical necessities of the room as a priority, and keep the styling uncluttered, simple, and streamlined to enhance the feeling of space.

Happy styling!