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Illuminating Mirrors-Lighten up!


Shed some light on your beauty regime and step things up a notch with an illuminating mirror. As summer approaches it is time to put your beauty regime under scrutiny and prepare to go bare.

Summer skin requires a complete detox from your heavy winter foundations and makeup. Summer calls for sheer makeup with a touch of bronze for that subtle summer glow.

To pull of subtle makeup your skin must be in tip top condition. Analyse your skin in illuminated mirrors to see how you can tackle problem areas for a fast track to a clear complexion.

Illuminating mirrors can enhance the application of your makeup and ensure your base is even. This type of mirror makes applying tricky accessories like false eyelashes and eyeliner a breeze.

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Illuminated Mirrors-Perfect those Brows


Eyebrows frame your face and when shaped correctly can transform your look. Whether you are favouring big brows or elegant arches this summer illuminating mirrors are the best tool to achieve statement brows this season

Installing illuminated mirrors in your bathroom can make maintaining your eyebrows a breeze. The correct lighting can be the difference between delight and disaster. Using this type of mirror can ensure you get the precision you need to perfect those brows.

If you have ever plucked your eyebrows to later find that they are less than perfect in the cold light of day you are not alone. Equip yourself with the necessary tools for beautiful brows this summer.

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Mirrors Can Inspire Weight Loss


Ok, so the idea of staring at your reflection when you’re feeling overweight may not sound like the most inspirational of moves. But if you’re about to undertake a diet or exercise regime then you should not only take a closer and honest look in the mirror, but even consider photographing yourself in the mirror (yes, naked!).

Setting weight loss goals is easy in theory, but in practice it can be hard to stay motivated. But by regularly photographing your progress – with a weekly snap as well as a weekly weigh-in – you’ll be inspired by the physical changes you’ll see.

Having a phobia of seeing yourself in the mirror because you feel fed up or fat may mean you avoid facing up to the truth by avoiding mirrors. But it’s just like burying your head in the sand hoping things will get better on their own. Take control of your body image, invest in an illuminated bathroom mirror and embrace the changes in your looks as you lose the weight!