The Trend of the Illuminated Bathroom Mirror

The home spa is an extremely desirable property feature, making the illuminated bathroom mirror a popular accessory in modern bathrooms.

When it comes to property, there are many desirable features that potential homebuyers look for. More and more, potential buyers are searching for that unique feature that makes their home stand out from the rest. If you want to differentiate your property from the rest, create a luxury home spa with a luxury bath tub, designer sink and taps, and an illuminated bathroom mirror.

Installing a home spa for your master bathroom can transform your property and boost its overall market value. So how can you make an ordinary bathroom facility look and feel like a real luxury spa?

Lighting – the way a room is lit can make a difference to the ambience and feel. Choose an illuminated bathroom mirror for a warm, relaxing, or romantic ambience.
Design – choose ultra modern floor and wall tiles to get that premium spa look.
Features – designer sinks and taps are ideal for home spas. What you should be aiming for is something extraordinary but not too commercial.
Details – the little things matter so think about colour coordination, or if you are going for that minimalistic style, choose chromes, whites and neutral tones.

From the freestanding bath to the illuminated bathroom mirror, from the ergonomically designed bathroom furniture to the designer toilet roll holder, there are so many ways you can make your bathroom look and feel extra special.

Using the Illuminated Bathroom Mirror

Creating a home spa is easy when you know what features will work. An illuminated bathroom mirror is a quick and easy way to turn your ordinary family into something truly spectacular. An illuminated bathroom mirror not only allows you to have that added lighting when you are grooming and cleaning, but it can create an atmosphere that is both relaxing and romantic.

Whether you want your home spa to be just for you, or for shared use with your friends, or your partner, an illuminated bathroom mirror can give you the warm ambience and atmosphere that you would want from an external spa and beauty resort.

Adding the Other Touches

If you don’t have the time, the money, or the energy to refurbish your entire bathroom, the simple addition of an illuminated bathroom mirror can provide a total transformation, with the help of a few other touches. Here are a few simple things you could add to the equation:

Candles, designer spa lighting, and bath lights.
Aromatherapy oils, burners and fragrances.
Luxury towels and bath robes
Specialist spa products

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