FENTY strikes again: The Holiday Collection

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Just last month, we wrote about our sheer excitement and appreciation for the launch of FENTY BEAUTY, an inclusive makeup range that caters for all women, including providing a plethora of shades not normally available to women of colour. So, it came as a huge surprise, when merely a week later, the Holiday collection was announced to launch in October; keeping us well and truly engaged with the brand and eager to get our hands on this shiny new set of makeup magnificence.

Since it’s highly anticipated release, this magical set has been gracing the feeds of our Instagram incessantly, from the many bloggers and beauty pros who are again, in awe of such dedication to both colour and quality from Rihanna and her team. It would seem FENTY BEAUTY can do no wrong in 2017; so, here is a rundown of all the products available from the Galaxy collection, launched just in time for both Halloween and Christmas celebrations, whoop!

First up, is, of course, the fabulously glitter-tastic Galaxy eyeshadow palette; offering up nothing short of perfection when it comes down to the celestial colour choice; all unique and powerful. With the option to be worn as a sheer effect, a defining topcoat or over an eyeshadow to give a multidimensional effect, these colours are truly otherworldly. Our favourites include Midnight Blue, Sunburst, Xtra Terrestrial and Mars On Fire.

“Glitter on glitter on glitter. That’s what The Galaxy collection is all about. No exception” – Rihanna

Next up, we have the aptly named Cosmic Gloss, which draws you in with its transcendent shimmer and glimmer. Creamy, shiny and most definitely glittery; this gloss transforms your lips to cosmic status unlike any other glitter gloss before. Although available in four shades, we can’t get enough of Astro-Naughty, boasting a plum hue, with depth and gloss that’s likely to be unrivalled. When Rihanna said it’s all about glitter, she meant it!

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The third product to wow us, is Eclipse, an innovative 2-in-1 ‘glitter release’ eyeliner. This limited edition liquid eyeliner transforms from a clean metallic line to a glitter formula, giving you two desired effects from one product… that Riri, she really knows what us ladies want. Whether you’re looking for a low key or attention-grabbing look, Eclipse is the answer to your holiday sparkle. To achieve the surprising glitter effect beneath your metallic line, simply rub when dry, to reveal. Available in three jewel inspired colours, Alien Bae, Later Crater and Nepturnt, we are loving Alien Bae; your answer to deep blue mysterious, yet, enticing eyes.

Finally, we introduce Starlit, a hyper-glitz lipstick (which not only is reasonably priced at £16.00 per stick but, is also our answer to year-round shade coverage). A shimmering lipstick that is super hydrating, with an irresistibly creamy texture. Available in four shades, Gravity, Supermoon, Sci-fly and $upanova. We are tempted to buy them all, simply for the name alone.

This new collection from Fenty offers hyper-reflective sparkle, phenomenal multidimensional effects, stellar shimmer and out of this world glitter; be sure you shine this season.

Follow our favourite tutorials from Ronkeraji and Miranda Hedman to get intergalactic glamour inspiration.

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