3 Easy Steps to DIY a Glamorous Bathroom

Creating a bathroom space that is both spacious and glamorous can be tricky especially if you’re dealing with an unconventional layout or a particularly small space. Here are a few ways to glamorise your bathroom and bring it from drab, to fab!

Colour Coordinate


Ever notice your bathroom has specs of unwanted fluff scattered about? More often than not, your linens are the culprit for these pesky pieces, which is why it’s always best to purchase lighter toned towels to maintain a cleaner, sleeker look. Linens of a lighter hue evidently leave behind fluff that can be almost unnoticeable, especially if your bathroom has light coloured tiles and accents. If you do have a darker bathroom, make sure you’re using linens of similar hues and stick with the same colour tones. Sometimes the simplest idea is the one that makes all the difference, so bear this in mind when it comes time to lightening your linens!

Texture Timemason-jars

Mixing up textures can add a sense of glamor to a bathroom that may need a little bit of a design pick-me up. This can be done simply, by mixing up the texture of bathroom accessories. It might be time to toss away that old plastic container which houses your miscellaneous items and organise your products with glass jars and wicker baskets. You could also use simple items to add a spark of creativity to your bathroom by purchasing a textured memory foam bath mat. Your bathroom will look Pinterest Perfect in no time!

Let There Be Light!white hollywood mirror

Bathroom lighting can be tricky as lights have a tendency to be too dim or not dim enough. Luckily, we’ve created the Hollywood Mirror which is not only aesthetically glamorous to jazz up any bathroom, it will give you the exact lighting you need to leave the house looking like your most glamorous self. With built in LED lights, Hollywood Mirrors make sure you’re vanity achieves the sleek finish you want, all the while allowing you to look your best.

Sometimes it takes a few little accents to make or break a space.  With these tips, you can achieve the look you need without sacrificing practicality nor functionality. Who needs a mega home renovation, when you can get the glamor you need in just 3 easy steps?!

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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