3 winter skincare essentials for your bathroom cabinet

Perfect skin in winter is all down to adapting your skincare regime

Ever wondered why your skin starts to look dull as cold weather creeps in? Directly in line with the temperature dropping, humidity drops too – meaning less airborne moisture to keep you glowing. You’ll often notice dry areas will start to pop up (the nose and mouth are particularly common culprits) and painful spots can begin to show themselves too. So, what products should you fill your cabinet with to address it?


Skin moisturising in winter skincareYour first cabinet essential is a good moisturiser, designed with your particular needs in mind. If you’ve got naturally oily skin it can seem counterproductive to smother it in more moisture, but it’s often a lack of proper nutrition that causes everything from spots and excess oil, to flaking and even eczema.

To get the most out of your moisturising regime, you’ll need something richer and more nourishing during winter than in summer, and this should be matched with an equally effective cleanser. Understanding your skin’s needs is the most important step to ensure you’re treating it correctly and not worsening any problems. Try visiting an expert or trained sales representative who can work with you to find the best products for your skin. It can make all the difference to everything from your make up looking flawless, to preventing blemishes appearing – not bad for a little bit of cream!

Sun cream

SPF sun cream in the winter coldSPF…in the winter? While most of us tend to pile on the factor 30 when it’s hot, it’s equally as important to keep loading your protection on during the harsh winter months – regardless of whether the sun is shining or not.

Most experts will list sun cream as their number one anti-ageing essential; it protects against nasty diseases like skin cancer, whilst keeping premature wrinkles and pigmentation at bay. Make sure you choose a high factor, broad-spectrum sun screen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Another top tip is to make sure your sun protection is never out of date – check on the bottle for a use-by mark, or a recommendation for how long it should be kept. Sun creams lose their ability to protect after a certain amount of time, so will be useless unless you keep on top of the dates.

Hand cream

winter handcare creams for dry skinYou’ve done the expensive beauty shop and stuffed your bathroom cabinet with every lotion, potion, treatment and wash you can think of. But how often do you actually give the TLC needed to your hands?

When colder weather starts to creep in, our upper digits can feel the brunt of it. From the chill of the freezing air, to the inevitable umbrella holding during storms – your hands put up with a lot. Investing in a good cream for them (as well as occasional at-home treatments/scrubs) is vital for winter-proof paws. You’ll thank yourself in the long run when you avoid the cracks, peels and cuts of even colder months.

Looking after your skin in the winter

While the sun-kissed glow of summer might fade, winter doesn’t have to mean bad skin. Adapting your regime and investing in the right products can make all the difference (and it’s a legitimate excuse to go on a heavy beauty haul). Your only task after finding the right products is making sure you have enough space in your bathroom cabinet to fit them all in (if not – don’t worry, we always sell larger models).

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