5 Essential Items you should always have in your Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom cabinet

Whether you have a large family bathroom or a tiny en-suite in shared accommodation, there are some items that no bathroom should be without. Discounting the obvious like toothpaste and soap, what are the other essential items you should be sure to always have on hand in your bathroom cabinet?

Tooth Floss

Just like we should brush our teeth once a day, we should also try and floss them regularly too. Flossing daily can help to get rid of the plaque from the parts of your mouth that your toothbrush can’t reach, helping to avoid a build-up of harmful tartar and prevent gum disease and cavities later down the line.

If you don’t already floss regularly, start leaving aside a couple of minutes for it every morning before you brush your teeth, you’ll certainly start to notice a difference to your oral hygiene (and so will your dentist!)

Cotton Wool Buds

A great tool to have on hand for any makeup related emergency! Keeping cotton wool buds in your cabinet is really useful if you need to tidy up eye makeup smudges on an otherwise perfected face of makeup.

They’re versatile too: use them to apply your lip balm or to gently dab cream on blemishes and cuts. Or use them alongside nail polish remover to soak tired varnish from your nails.

Day/Night Cream

If you do nothing else as part of your morning and evening routine, applying a moisturising face cream should be your priority. No matter your skin type, moisturising daily is important if you want to prevent dry skin and redness and reduce signs of ageing. It might also help to keep sensitive, irritated skin at bay – especially in these cold winter months when the harsh weather might increase the damage to your skin.

Get into the habit of applying moisturiser straight after your morning shower and, for extra hydration, invest in a good quality night cream to apply as a mask last thing before you go to bed at night. You’ll soon notice an improvement in your skin, it will be softer, look more luminous and applying makeup will become much easier when your skin provides a smooth, level base.

Facial Cleanser

Just like you should moisturise daily, you should also cleanse your face every day too. Whether you choose to do it first thing in the morning or last thing at night, you should get into the habit of including it in your daily routine and you should definitely never, ever go to bed at night without washing your makeup off.

Choose a cleanser that suits your skin type, whether that’s an oil-control blend if your skin is prone to break-outs or a moisture-restoring formula for dry skin. You can always change the product you use if you find it doesn’t suit your skin type, or seek advice from a specialist before making your choice.

Splash your face with warm water and then apply the cleanser, rubbing gently in circular motions and ensuring that you remove all traces of makeup and dirt build up. Then, rinse with warm water again to remove all the product. Follow up with an application of your moisturiser and you’re good to go!

Baby wipes

From wiping up spills to removing excess makeup, it’s always a good idea to have a packet of baby wipes handy in the bathroom. They’re a cheaper alternative to makeup wipes, and work in much the same way while usually being softer and kinder on your skin.

If you have kids, having a pack of wipes handy will be a lifesaver when they come home with muddy hands from playing outside, or for wiping away sticky melted chocolate after snack time!

Bathroom cabinet storage

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