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Illuminated Mirrors interview Jen Thorne
Have you ever read a beauty blog? In 2015, it seems there are more people reading and taking advice from bloggers than there are actually buying beauty mags. The fact is, whether you’re looking for quirky style, an advocate of natural beauty or a glamour queen who’s a dab hand with a makeup brush, on the blogging scene there’s a role model for everyone to relate to.

A Beauty Junkie in London, AKA Jen, gives advice on the best beauty products on the market, travel tips and interior design ideas. The blog is a treasure trove of great posts and stunning pictures. As big fans of Jen’s friendly, genuine approach to her blog, we were lucky enough to grab her for a quick chat, and you can read our interview with her below.

1) Tell us a little about your blog. What made you start blogging, and what are the big changes you’ve noticed in the industry since you started?

I started the blog as a bit of a creative outlet when I was working in quite a serious job. I just wanted somewhere I could write for fun and say whatever I wanted – it’s still the creative side of it all that I love the most.

The changes in the industry since I started have been huge – in six years it’s changed to something that’s barely recognisable from where I first started out! For one, the idea that I can blog as my career never entered my mind when I first began!

2) Which 1 beauty tip do you swear by?

It’s a bit of a boring one, but it really does work – drink more water! As much as I love products and playing with make-up, there’s no better tip, from better skin, hair, brighter eyes. All over, drinking more water makes the biggest difference. In the same way, I find it really shows when I’ve not been drinking enough either!

3) How would you describe your own personal style and who/what influences you?

When it comes to style – both beauty and clothes – I stick to pretty classic looks overall. My ultimate outfit is usually jeans, breton striped top and either ankle boots or Converse. Pretty simple but it’s when I feel the most comfortable.

The beauty look for me is all about natural skin, bronze eyes and usually either a nude or a red lipstick. Occasionally I’ll dabble in brighter colours like hot pink but I do tend to stick to classic beauty looks.

4) Tough question. What is your all-time favourite beauty product (and why)

A very tough question – but probably my all time favourite beauty product would be Lancome Hypnose Star mascara – mascara is the product I can’t leave the house without and this is my all time favourite (plus it has pretty packaging). But if I was allowed a second product it would be Seche Vite top coat… nothing is better for quick drying, glossy nails!

5) If you were shipped to a desert island and could only take 3 beauty products with you, what would you take?

Sun cream, my current favourite being Lancaster Tan Maximiser SPF50 – as I find I don’t burn but also feel like I get a bit of a holiday glow at the same time. A waterproof mascara – not that anyone would care on a desert island, but I look like a mole-rat without mascara on so this for me is an essential. Finally, I’d probably take something multi-purpose like Dr Paw Paw Balm for all over moisture, either that or a razor and a hair brush… but assume they don’t count as products!

6) What’s your favourite part of being a blogger?

Definitely the creative side of things, the fact that I started this whole thing from scratch and have built it into a job is pretty amazing. Yet, I still have total freedom to write about whatever it is that tickles my fancy! So whilst beauty is my first love, over the years other things like travel and interiors are more and more on my radar so these are creeping into the blog too.

7) What motto do you live by?

Ooh, that’s a tough one! The first thing that comes to mind is a saying that I learnt from my Mum – “They can’t get you for what you’re thinking.” So there’s that and the general idea of ‘Dreams don’t work unless you do’ – so I can never take for granted life and blogging and keeping this as my job. I always have to keep working my butt off!

8) What do you predict will be the hot fashion and beauty trends this summer?

I think bright blue is a bit of a trend for both fashion and beauty – so bright blue eyeliner (YSL have a gorgeous one in their Summer collection) bright blue nails (Nails Inc Baker Street for example is perfect) and bright blue on white for clothes. Maybe not head to toe bright blue, but flashes of it look perfectly Summery.

Want to know more? Visit A Beauty Junkie in London or feel free to connect with Jen over on Twitter or Facebook!

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