Bathroom Colour Schemes to Inspire

This week we’re focusing on foolproof DIY. The type of DIY that your kids can help you with (if you’re brave) and in which there’s very little chance of a trip to A&E (although given that a surprising number of injuries can be caused by toilets of all things, we wouldn’t completely rule it out!).

We’ve talked a lot about fantastic style on a budget, but some of it does take a little know-how we’ll admit, so here’s some fantastic interior inspiration that really can be created by DIY novices. We’re talking about a slick of paint and a few artistic touches of course, and apart from a few little rules, we can all create these beautiful spaces with just a few spare pounds and a free Sunday.

So let’s just get the first little rules out of the way and then we’ll begin! (Expert painters you may skip ahead). Firstly masking tape any edges, ceiling and skirting boards, it’s better to be meticulous initially and prevent having to repaint surfaces later where you’ve slipped! Secondly if you’re a little unsure of your brush stroke, priming your walls or which tools to use for the job, then there’s some handy guides on YouTube as well as a detailed guide on the Homebase website.

We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

A seaside bathroom is one of the simplest styles to achieve yet creates the most beautiful finish. In the above example the space has simply been created using a cool blue colour scheme with well placed decorative pieces. In this instance shelving completely borders the room, but it really doesn’t need to be that complicated! A few shelves or a seaside themed canvas (these can be picked up for less than £10 at outlets such as Wilkinsons) are all it takes to bring that seaside style into your bathroom.

If you’ve got lotions and potions aplenty it may also be worth investing in a white wooden shelving unit or cabinet (or look for reclaimed pieces for that driftwood finish). A seaside theme demands simplicity in a bathroom mirror and the beautiful Mirage circular mirror is suitably nautical, effortlessly beautiful and looks a little like a ship’s porthole – very nautical!

Pretty in Pink

Pink may not always be the first choice as far as the gentleman of the house is concerned, but rich raspberry tones are really taking off right now and are a great way to add warmth to a cold bathroom or bring a tired space up to date. Opting for a pink colour scheme really allows you to simplify other aspects of your bathroom too, as the walls certainly won’t look sparse without pictures and decorative sculptures! Just ensure your existing suite and tiles are neutral in order to avoid clashing colour-schemes or sugary overkill. We would recommend a glamorous Hollywood Mirror, but if this is a little feminine for your space, then a warm solid oak mirror will complement a rich decor beautifully.

Simple stencils are a fantastic way to give your walls a really professional finish without spending the earth and if you can’t bring yourself to create your own, then there’s some great ready made options available from sites such as Cutting Edge Stencils. If you’re creating your own then using thick paper or thin plastic and creating your design with a sharp craft knife is probably the simplest option and from floral prints to ornate writing, it’s really quite simple to create your own, just trace over a pattern you like if you don’t trust your artistic skills! In the example above a ready made stencil will probably have been used as the print is quite elaborate and this is probably the best option if you’re going for a ‘wallpaper effect’.

Inspired? We thought so! To view any of the mirrors we’ve mentioned in the post then just head to our Illuminated Mirrors emporium or contact our friendly team for information on everything from installation to delivery.

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