Creating the Ultimate Dressing Room with Hollywood Mirrors

You may have seen our latest claim to fame on last week’s blog when we were very pleased to announce that our ever-so-glamorous Hollywood Mirrors have popped up on Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model!

Yes, we’ve supplied Britain and Ireland’s loveliest and leggiest with 14 of our finest illuminated mirrors, but there’s no reason us non-runway types can’t enjoy a little Hollywood glamour too! A beautifully simple but always stylish dressing area can be created in even the most compact of spaces with little more than a dainty dressing table and a few well-placed additions. Don’t believe that hidden corner can be transformed? Take a look at these inspirational interiors; and If that wasn’t enough, why not take inspiration from our growing number of customers, we’ve featured our favourite shots from a few stylish ladies, buy you can find endless inspiration on our Instagram page.

These beautiful dressmakers mannequins instantly brighten up a forgotten corner of a room and the great thing is they can be picked up relatively cheaply from charity shops and easily personalised to suit your space. Elaborate wire framed mannequins can look beautiful, but a plastic or foam covered style are stunning when painted (if you feel a little uncomfortable with a paintbrush then stencils are a great option!) Alternatively, pile your mannequins with scarves, bags and your most beloved garments (or a beautifully tailored suit) for that classic boudoir finish. Pair with a Hollywood mirror to complete a high-fashion effect.

Beautiful yes, but essentially a walkway made into a functional and glamorous space. Utilising a forgotten corner and creating a whole new ‘me’ area is not only a great way to inject some new life into your home, but can additionally be a great selling point if you’re looking to move home. In this example a slim and simple white dressing table transforms this space without cluttering; it’s effortless elegance at its best. If your budget is really tight and you’ve got your eye on a white wood finish, then you can pick up stunning old furniture in second-hand stores and then sand, seal (vital steps!) and paint the wood to achieve the desired finish.

This delicate wall design might look elaborate but this is one little trick that decorators probably don’t want us knowing! Here, an off cut of lace has been securely taped onto a pale caramel wall and dabbed with white paint to create that beautiful lace finish. This is literally so simple that even the most reluctant of DIY-ers will be able to create this high-impact effect in less than an afternoon! As for those lovely hooks? Try Graham & Green for a stunning selection at very reasonable prices. This effect would look beautiful as a feature wall with your Hollywood mirror in pride of place.

First up, we have this beautifully fluffy setup from @lauloves  who has mixed a number of textures together to give depth and a cosy feel to her shrine. The mixture of crisp clean lines from our Diamond X Hollywood mirror against the chair is a great contrast, providing both comfort and style to the space. Adding in soft hues of pink is a great idea, one that many will be taking inspiration from!

This cosy corner from @__lynsss is another great example of mixing contrasting textures, whilst adding in subtle colour to bring the overall look together. The calming use of grey has provided Lynsey with a serene spot to get ready, whilst adding comfort with a plush, fluffy chair. This growing trend has been seen in many shrines, so it’s great to see each personal take on adding in texture to the shrine. The simple addition of flowers brings a great addition of life to the corner – if only we could have the same setup in our bedroom!

Last up, we have a more traditional shrine setup from @zydrune__ who has created a beautifully crisp, clean shine. We love that the mirror has been placed diagonally across the dressing table, creating a great space on the table for getting ready.  The addition of flowers adds the perfect burst of colour to pull this look together, whilst the curtains behind add a luxurious feel to the overall look.

Essex beauty, Ferne McCann, has provided a clean, sharp and incredibly organised insight into her beauty routine. She opted for the wall-mounted Isabella mirror, which provides her with more desk space for her extensive makeup collection. The drawer dividers are a great touch, adding an extra dose of ‘organised’ to the table. | @fernemccann

This next setup is by far our favourite to date. Such a clean look, yet accessorised perfectly with accents of bronze on both the dressing table and in the reflection of the mirror. We believe that incorporating the reflection to show off the room further is a great interior design hack, not only for creating the illusion of a larger room but also to give a feel of the interior theme without having to zoom out too much. The addition of popping colour from the yellow chair is definitely the star of the show, bringing the room together. | @angela_kiernan

We step into a white wonderland with the beautiful setup below, offering the perfect inspiration for those who are seeking a clean, crisp and stylish dressing room. Opting for the Anastasia mirror, Lauren has given her room a very understated feel, but one that can also ‘wow’ when the lights are turned on. The addition of fresh flowers always brings a natural touch the setup, which can often be overloaded with packaging and products! | @laurenamarshall

Our next customer setup takes us away from the dressing room and into the bathroom, where Kayleigh shows us exactly how to bring, such an overlooked room to life by mixing textures, patterns and creating bold contrasts within the room. With accents of pink dotted around the room, it’s added that right amount of ‘je ne sais quoi‘ to create the perfect bathroom for both morning and evening routines. | @athomewithkayleigh

This spectacular room; not only has it got an incredible range of makeup, but we’ve never seen our Anastasia mirror pop so much! Against this beautifully black background, our Hollywood mirror takes centre stage, whilst offering a great glow to the dressing area. The addition of white furniture makes this whole corner really bright and welcoming against the dark feature wall. | @ameliabethanymakeupp

This next setup is a strong favourite amongst the Illuminated Mirrors community, with the use of mirrored furniture and silver accessories, it gives off a very sophisticated look, however, with the added reflection of the beautiful elephant print, it creates a more natural and artistic vibe within the room. We think it’s a great idea to have a print on the wall which always reflects in the mirror, offering a more personal touch. Get your own Isabella here. | @caitssdarling

This next setup is a strong favourite amongst the Illuminated Mirrors community, with the use of mirrored furniture and silver accessories, it gives off a very sophisticated look, however, with the added reflection of the beautiful elephant print, it creates a more natural and artistic vibe within the room. We think it’s a great idea to have a print on the wall which always reflects in the mirror, offering a more personal touch. Get your own Isabella here. | @caitssdarling

Next up, we have a more traditional setup from our lovely customer, who said ‘MY HAPPY PLACE 😍💫 I love dressing tables and seeing inspo (sic) on here! I chose a minimalistic dresser and have my new mirror as the centre piece. Lighting is incredible. Thank you @illuminated_mirrors tag your page below with your dressing tables! I love seeing everyone else’s twist on their own happy place💫’. The warmth of this beautiful setup is what lead us to choose this customer in our month’s review and we are so glad that everyone is enjoying their newly curated spaces. Get your Marianne mirror here. | @luxeandco.makeupartistry

Finally, we’ve got this beautiful transformation room; now new and improved (and including an illuminated mirror), there is far more light in this room, with the mirror doing a great job not only of adding light to the room, but also reflecting it. The addition of grey and white tones have added an element of calm to the overall setup, with flowers adding that extra bit of serenity. Whilst these colours can often seem cold, the fluffy carpets make sure that you there will always be a warming feel to this room whilst getting ready. Get your Isabella mirror today. | @bridie_newhome

Photo @monicarosemua

First up, we have this fantastic setup from the beautiful @monicarosemua – who boasts an incredible 243,000 followers due to her enviable makeup skills, so it’s no wonder at all that her makeup station is the picture of envy to most ladies. Featuring the Anastasia mirror which pops perfectly against the hues of pastel pink and crisp white backgrounds alongside beautiful brass makeup tools and a glimmering Fenty palette – it really is every makeup enthusiasts dream!

Photo @novalanalove

Next up, we have this dream corner, featuring all sorts of fluffy, beautiful things, as well as the Venetian Hollywood Grand , taking pride of place in the centre. We love the addition of Vogue covers, not to mention the perfectly organised array of makeup magic!

Photo @myinteriorstories

An elegant touch can bring a room to life, with subtle hues of grey and glimmers of shine, this beautiful room is brought to life with the Venetian Hollywood Mirror Medium. The simple, yet effective focus on the glamour bench brings a cosy, yet glamorous feel to the room, a look that is not easily achieved. We think mirrored accessories are perfect to sit alongside our Hollywood mirrors.

Photo @pipxo

A haven of light! Another fantastic set up using a Diamond X Hollywood mirror from our all mirror Venetian range. This crisp shot from @pipxo is the perfect getting ready station, with clean light and all the tools ready to go! The simple addition of white surrounding furniture has left the limelight firmly placed on the mirror – a perfect set up!

This spectacular set up; not only has it got an incredible range of makeup beautifully arranged, but the accents of colour perfectly highlight the Diamond X Hollywood mirror! This setup is every girls dream, with the large range of products to choose from, it’s the perfect getting ready station. Thanks to @justtjez for sharing!

Clean, crisp and glamourous. This serene setup is the perfect arrangement for someone who benefits from a tidy space. With all make up products cleverly concealed, the focus is entirely on the mirror, as it acts as the centrepiece to the room. Adding extra light to an already bright room, it’s perfect for detailed make up application. Shop our range of wall mounted Hollywood mirrors here. Thanks to @alanamccraemakeup for the shot!

Last, but not least, is this fantastic set up from @charlotteliannesmith_home who has perfectly mixed a range of old and new mirrors within her dressing room to create the ultimate glamour pad to get ready in. Sticking to a theme of white and silver, these two mirrors perfectly compliment each other. The addition of varying textures adds depth and warmth to the room as well, making it one of the best dressing rooms so far!

We told you it was simple! If you’ve been hoping to re-decorate but your budget won’t quite stretch at the moment, then creating a glamorous dressing space is the perfect way to invigorate your home. As our Hollywood mirrors come in a range of styles and colours, you’re bound to find one that complements your beauty spot.

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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