Decorating your home: The festive edit.

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The festive season is finally here; a time of giving and receiving, drinking and laughing with family and friends. There is always the inevitable Christmas rush that sees families across the country hurriedly putting up decorations and getting their houses ready to host the big day. With that in mind, we have come up with some perfect decorating tips to get you ready in plenty of time and keep the stress at bay.

Displaying Christmas cards

We all love to receive Christmas cards from our nearest and dearest; with many being miniature pieces of artwork themselves, simply putting them on the shelf just doesn’t utilize them in the best way possible anymore. There are many ways in which you can really put on a great display with your cards. From making your own Christmas card display boards to placing them on a rustic ladder leant against a wall, the ways to showcase your cards in all their glory, are endless. Our favourite, however, would be the Christmas card bunting, simply pin to ribbon and hang across a room or above the fireplace for a beautiful addition to any space.

Candy canes

Keeping treats on display is always a test of willpower, especially when it comes to kids and pets; suddenly the once decorated tree is missing one too many candy canes when it comes to Christmas day… So, with that in mind, why not make them a little harder to grab by tying them to some Christmas ribbon and hanging them from the top of your window? Alternatively, decorating your stair banister with a combination of greenery and candy canes can look especially festive.

Christmas Wreath

When it comes to wreaths, sticking to the traditional style and colour palette may be ideal for some, but a slightly modern twist on the wreath is bound to bring a new lease of life to Christmas in your home. Experimenting with baubles in an array of different colour combinations is our new favourite look; from pink, green and silver to blues and purples or simply all the colours of the rainbow. All you need is some wire and a bit of artistic imagination to create a Christmas masterpiece!

Crafty foods

Using the foods in your kitchen are another great way of bringing some life into your Christmas decorations, offering both smell and aesthetic, it’s a sure-fire way of getting the festive spirit up to an all time high. There are many preparations you can do in advance to get some great smells circulating around your home; starting with baking oranges to hang from your tree, followed by stringing popcorn for an alternative and slightly crunchier tinsel and finally baking gingerbread men, which you can hang on some ribbon for a more permanent decoration or simply lay on a plate and let the smell do the rest of the work (although, they won’t be there for long!)

Colourful lights

An old favourite, but still one of the best decoration practices in the book. Using lights to bring warmth into the home is a simple and little-to-no effort way of brightening up your rooms. You can opt to go for some classic fairy lights that add sparkle and decoration, or you could go for a slightly more modern take, with one of our Lighted Edge mirrors, which will offer the room a warm glow and an extra Christmassy feel.

There are hundreds of ways in which you can bring some holiday cheer into your home this Christmas. Starting early is sure-fire way to get the whole family in the mood for a fabulously festive month of celebrations.

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