5 ways to use mirrors to make your room look larger

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When it comes to optimising the space you have, it can be difficult when your square footage is on the small side. There are many interior design secrets with which you can work with to make your room seem a lot lighter and larger; one of them being, to use mirrors as a tool to add depth and size to any room. A number one tip from many interior designers; the use of mirrors is an easy and effective solution. Below, we take you through the top 5 ways to utilise your mirror in smaller spaces.

Window reflections.

The simplest, yet most effective technique is to place your mirror on a wall opposite a window, this will give the illusion of a second window in your room. It will also encourage more natural light, making your space brighter, airier and seemingly larger. The direct reflection of any window is a guaranteed solution to making your room feel that little bit more spacious.

All about the shape.

Often, rooms are filled with straight-edged furniture, giving quite a hard look to the surroundings, which frequently results in a smaller feel to a space. Adding in softer curves to the room with a round mirror will break up the room and create a layering effect, which will in turn, offer the illusion of more space.

The Infinity mirror.

Illuminated mirrors have the perfect solution for adding depth to any room, with the deceptively clever Infinity mirror. Strategically placed LED lights within the mirror give a neverending effect, immediately offering a deepness to your space. Placed at one end of the room, the mirror would take effect on the entirety of the space; giving you the best results. With the option to turn the lights off, you can have a normal mirror by day and a creative space by night.

Double take.

If you have the luxury of owning more than one mirror per room, it’s the perfect way to extend the parameters of your space. With multiple mirrors, not only do you have the benefit of light bouncing off the walls, but you also add get an infinite reflection effect; both adding to the deception of a larger area.

Floor length.

The more obvious choice for opening up a room whilst utilising a mirror; a floor length mirror is a fantastic way to make any space feel taller. The shape draws the eye into the height of the room, making the space open up naturally. You can add the extra illusion of placing furniture in front of the mirror, which gives off the impression of more space throughout the room.

Our extensive range of mirrors can offer a solution to improving the sense of space in any small room. Take a look and find the perfect addition to give you a lighter, brighter space.

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Jamie Bell is the managing director of Illuminated Mirrors. You can find Jamie on Google+; he also occasionally updates the Illuminated Mirrors Facebook page.

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